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How are you guys? I'm sorry to be out of the blogosphere for a while. I have been so lazy the past few days, IDK why, but anyway, let me postpone my after party post and the things I want for Christmas task and blog about my super fun weekend. A town fiesta would never be complete without a “Perya” or carnival. Dumaguete City- a booming city is not exempted. As far as I can remember way back in college, the Lechan Grand Carnival is always present on this same spot to grace the city’s annual fiesta celebration. Unlike those huge, safe, grand, and high-end ride that you might be thinking, or you might have already experienced, Perya is way too small than that, and games are quite different. Let me show you what I mean.

We need to line up for the entrance fee of P10..:)
We are talking money here.

When I was a kid they have the 25 cents but now they are betting for 1 peso each throw.

The marble game. I hate this, they have this small control at the back of the board to prevent the marble from getting into the jackpot price. I know, I lost my P80 before figuring out! I'm just a bit frustrated.

Cotton Candy is what I missed the most. I grew up having my mouth dead shot pink due to this. I can hear my mom complaining about my teeth and the too much sugar intake...haha
The moon is not very charming. It looks creepy.
I can still remember way back that they have those flying trapeze, fat ladies, magicians walking on fire, they have those ladies being cut into three parts, they have those men jumping on a rope of fire and all that. I love those shows more than those money board they have though. What remains to be my super favorite are the outrageous rides that they have.

The Twister

The Octopus ride.

I convinced all of my guy friends to ride the Octopus Ride which is the most popular and has the highest scream scale….:) I was surely having fun on the ride. However, my stomach hurts for laughing out when one of my friends, who was so furious on why he has to risk his life on that ride. He was complaining how the kids should not be allowed on that ride. He also told us that he even take extra care on driving and was so mad how he had been put through a life threatening ride. I am so mean to laugh at him the whole time, and I did say "I’m sorry" for forcing him to take the ride, but I just couldn’t help it. He was just so funny freaking out like that…hehe 

Deannie and Eddie on that kid-smile. So nice to see them on that smile. You only got to see those laughs on rides like this...:)

Kurty and Jhulem looking very apprehensive.

Before the ride.
This is our first ride the other weekend...:)
My friends wished there are safety precautions before riding. Let me tell you there are no seat belts so it figures, right?  They all told me to blog about it and tell me to point out that there should be a sign that goes like this:


  1.  Kids below 10 years old are not allowed.
  2. Riders should be in pairs. (They allow you to be alone with no seat belts!) 
  3. Anyone with medical condition is not allowed. (You can have a heart attack you know.)

I know it really sounds funny, but I totally agree with them. There should have been a seat belt or whatever to hold you down and to keep you secure of getting thrown out of the ride. Let me show you some photos we have.

The previous week's photo. Sorry I have to mix this, I liked this photo of us 4.

Making his counter strike life a reality.

Jakey being a sniper on those pity-looking match sticks.
We have this for our price. We end up for that one bottle of ice cold b**r after to cool off the night to talk about our experience.
Photo credits to Joeny. He surely did meet the deadline for the upload...:)
We actually went home after the Octopus ride. We were not able to ride the other rides that we were planning to take. They wouldn't risk it, and the would not let me get my way this time...:( I still love to take the horror train and the batman ride. We took the roller coaster ride the other weekend. I feel like I was being put into a mining tunnel. I would not put myself into such danger ever again. I freaked out after! I'm not sure if you have gone to a Perya before, and I don't know if you can relate to this "Only in the Pilipins" post, but I would like to share it regardless..:)

After being there twice this year and being able to experience those screeching rides- that almost got me heart attacked! I must say that it is really not safe. It’s not safe for adults how much more to kids. Extreme rides are super cool but simple rides with no safety precaution is a different story. So, be responsible. It’s fun were looking after all.  Our slogan says “It’s more fun in the Philippines”- don’t get me wrong this is true, but I hope someday we can proudly say “It’s more fun and safe in the Philippines,” right?...xoxo!


Teletech Grand Recognition Night (Part 2)

The night started spontaneously. When you enter the ballroom, they would be guiding you through your table and then they would tell you to help your self with the food. This year's theme is Rock Generation.

The host of the night. The two at the center with the big bosses.

After everyone is done eating and are ready to be drown into the night of awards and surprises. The night started with a mini flash mob at around 8:30 PM. The number was so energetic- enough to fill the room with fun and excitement.

The Cainta Rave Dancers along with the Teletech Idol.
The band.
The beyond talented Cainta Rave Dancers in their cute varsity jackets- which I love.

This night is as well the grand finals of the Teletech Idol. Since this year's theme is Rock Generation, the Teletech Idols sang their favorite rock anthem songs from the 60's up to the present.

They are all really good. They made every one in the ball room all party rockin'!

I won't hold it long to announce who the winners were. Drum rolls please!

2nd price goes to Dumaguete Delivery Center singing her own rock version of Rolling in the Deep- woot woot!
1st place is from Roxas Delivery Center doing Sweet Child of Mine.

The grand winner goes to the Cebu Delivery Center with her entertaining rock version of Proud Mary. She nailed it!

While the Teletech Idol battles the stage, the nominees are as well on the edge of their seats to find out who made it to the top, and they are as follows:

After hearing all their achievements and how they top not just one month but to some three, and how they all made a huge impact to their sites and to their fellow associates made me really think they all deserve the spot, and they indeed need to be recognized for such. What really got me drooling is the iPad 2 that comes with the plaque and certificate...:O This night was actually raining iPad 2. Too bad the rain didn't fell on me..haha We were waiting for the final announcement of the big boss for more surprises or for what to expect on 2013.

The big boss CEO Ken Tuckman. Photo Credits to Teletech Pilipinas.

This year is the celebration of Teletech's 30th anniversary. Ken launched the I am Teletech video, and challenged everyone to create their own video. Whoever does the best video would win $5,000. This year's focus is on charities. Ken has donated $100,000 to schools and organization that the employees had nominated, because he thought that the Philippines has gone through a lot of disasters, and by helping charities and schools would be the least he could do (standing ovation). What really kept us standing is the proposal for next year's top 30 employees that would make a difference to the company is that, he would fly all 30 top employees for an all-expense-paid-vacation to Florida to experience first hand Disneyland, as he noticed how his kids love the place. He thought we might love it too!!! I was crossing my fingers from then on....lols!

What really made a mark for me on Ken's speech is when he said "Why would I be given an award? This is your night. My job is simple. All I need to do is to make everyone believe that things are easy and achievable, so that my staff and you would think it is doable too." "What I do is to push, push, push people to do their best".

After event shoot.

I was beyond grateful being able to attend special events such as this. Even if I was not part of the 10 Most Outstanding employees of the year, being able to travel, taste wonderful food, be in a very grand place, wore an elegant dress, being able to walk on that yellow and red carpet, and got to meet amaziiiingly over the top hard working employees makes me really think that I am a winner here too. I never in my entire life thought that I would be recognized for doing what I do. Hey! I'm not an expert at work, I commit a lot of errors too. I only believe that doing my best in everything is always the key...xoxo!

I need to keep you hanging for the after party gig that we went to. I noticed this post is way to long already. Thanks for hanging around, and for the comments, I am truly grateful..:)