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My day at Lalimar 2011

As my day of the year fast approaching, I intend to reserve this day to blog about my celebration last year. God knows how many times was I been tempted to blog about Lalimar way back, and how I wish I have this blog way back in 2011. But, time to move on..hehe Now is the perfect time to take a peak a my 2011 birthday-getaway-with-friends since I already made plans for this year- super excited! and I'll be sharing them up all here...:)

The entire crew. Only five of us went through the plan coz it's a 2 hour ride from Dumaguete, and I opt to have it overnight!

The place:

Photo Credits to Lalimar. You may visit their blog  (here).

Lalimar is situated in La Libertad, Negros Oriental- a town 105 kilometers north of Dumaguete City.

This resort is a good choice for families who wish to bond with class yet so affordable. Their cottage price is cheap as well as it's relatively big. Good enough for a group 8 or even 10. The infinity pool is as well eye-catching and its the center of attraction. The kiddie pool will keep your kids busy. It's 4 feet so need not to worry. The good thing is, they have Lifeguards which is a relief.

Picture perfect we are!

We walked the entire place and look what we found:

They have a hall that could cater weddings, events, seminars and all the like.

Their rooms are the most comf'tiest! The interiors are the all Filipino-style that would make you feel like home.

The sunrise and sunset would be a beauty on this sight!

My friend Bogs.

We have a lot of jumping too..hehe

It's the best way to burn those unwanted food...haha
We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming like literally swimming and eating. It was all eating day.

Those feet are a killer!..haha
I must tell you though that we spent the night at a lodging house, because it's a lot cheaper, and we decided have some drinks in the evening. Lalimar is exclusively supplying drinks by the way. So need not bring those liters of coke. They have all that...:)

It is I think a blessing in disguise having not to spend a night at Lalimar. I'll tell you why on my next post...hehe

Every day is a celebration of life and love. I truly believe that friends are borrowed angels. They are there in times of happiness and sorrow. I have lot of friends, but I can only count who really stays in my heart. True friends comes only comes once in a lifetime, so take care of them too....xoxo!


MATA event

At exactly 6:00 PM I'm ready! My feet was going to and fro to see the event. Super excited or maybe I just don't know what to expect or how the event would go. You see, I am with my only super-friend and I was thinking would this be fun? I don't know but I'm very much willing to experience it first hand...haha

The audience are mostly students in their uniforms. It was great seeing them participate in events like this.

This is the look of the place when we arrived. First thought: I don't know anyone...hehe but we found our way somehow.

We walk and tour around the entire place and look for something interesting as the jam is yet to start.

Registration done!

Freebies cool!

Photo booth is so young and fun!

And this is us!

We were looking for our friend who was super busy with the event. We were like looking for a needle in a hay sack..hahaha so we gave up and just talk about almost everything as we walk and took photos along. Unexpectedly, we bump into her sister, her brother, and some of her friends but not her. The party starts already and I think we need to seriously give up and just enjoy the event...hehe

The place is starting to heat up. I can't believe my cousin was here as well.

My friend enjoying the event!

I am disappointed to tell you guys that I have another appointment that I cannot ditch. So I was not able to see Kyle...too bad. I promised to come back, but when the clock hit 10:00 PM it rained so hard...:( I couldn't get the chance to go back. But anyway, I would like to say that the event was indeed a success. Letting young people take part is a genius move. Youth are the rulers of the next generation so to speak. I truly believe educating them is a good step in building a better tomorrow....xx!

Photo of the day:

I found her!

It figures! But I'm happy she got to see one of her fave singer!...xx!


MATA - Movement of Anti-Trafficking Advocates event

Tonight is a big day for my friend who is a part of MATA or the Movement of Anti-Trafficking Advocates. She invited us to this event! This event is not just about merely having fun but having a cause for such. It aims to raise awareness amongst youth of today about human trafficking here in Dumaguete City. Their vision states "To inspire young people to build a world where everyone enjoys freedom." It is indeed a great avenue for every youth to be educated and get involved.

WHEN:  August17, 2012 - Friday 6:00 PM
WHERE: Freedom Park, Dumaguete City

This event features Kyle Patrick of Click Five- an anti human trafficking advocate, MOTION, STANDOUT, LUCID INTERVAL, and FRANCO.

Let us all be aware and let us all get involved towards anti-human trafficking. The concert is free I may forget. So let's gather and have fun! See yah!


The road

As I have promised on my past post about the road to Ocean24, I'm going to blog about it now...:) As I was passing through this sites, I'm thinking and feeling a lot of things on each different location.

As I was passing through the river, part of me mourned. The water made the river so wide. This means, mostly all the houses near the riverbank were all taken by the flood.

On the lighter side of the road trip, a portion of me was astonished by the waterfalls that we have encountered along the way. They are just so many that the thought of where do all of these water came from and that the land is like a basin came in. I really prayed we won't get full though- if we are like basins that is, because if that happens it would be another disaster.

I'm so relieved to see that they have channelize the river to stop the water from getting into the land the next time this happens.

This is 95% done. A couple of paints would make it perfect!

The beyond stinky sulfur smell is a very good representation of an Earth Science subject..hehe It's funny how you to try to relate the smell of the rock to a volcanic activity, rock formations of the entire area, and then add to your thoughts the geothermal plant's positive effect to balance the heat and chemical composition of the earth. That is a lot!  I know!...hehe It just kept me thinking...hehe

The smell is just to much!

It was nearly raining and the cold wind is too over-bearing, so we ended the trip with a quick water dip at Ocean24 once again. The hot spring balanced the cold weather so well. It's just perfect that you wouldn't want to get out of the pool..hehe

So thank you guys for sticking on my page. It matters to me more than anything...xoxo!

For my photo of the day....drum rolls...hehe

I really laugh my heart out on this photo. For the record, I took this photo... haha This is by the way our extra-talented photographer-friend. You can visit his photo blog (here).


August rush!

Time flies and it's August already. This month is for me so special and outrageously busy. My entire month's weekends are fully booked!! That is why I can't nod to every getaway plan and other extra task. Not to mention my "daughter-errands"...(sigh!) I don't wanna talk about it. It stresses the whole lot of me. So I'm talking so much....hehe I guess my point is I just wanna ask how are you guys? So what really will I be doing for this entire month?...hmmm Let's see.

I have been hooked with the TV lately. I am a big fan of the Olympics. The history of The Olympic Flame (The light of spirit, knowledge, and life.) gives me goossies...hehe
I have Maroon 5's Payphone on my play list, and I have been listening to it over and over again!! Oh my I think I need to stop it. It's just so addicting...:)

My post would also be mostly all about the waterfalls that I have been. They are a beauty. That is just one of them.

At the end of the month, I'll be back to the Island of Siquijor for the ReCon (Regional Conference) 2012. I'm super excited to be going back,and I can't wait for another spirit-filled getaway.


It's also my birth month. I'm excited to post my celebration here....hooray! I'm always excited of me having a reason to celebrate, but the though of getting old is still unsolicited....hehe Anyhow, I'm still thankful I reached this far...hehe

It would be a month long celebration of life and love for me this August. I hope your August goes well too...xoxo!