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My day at Lalimar 2011

As my day of the year fast approaching, I intend to reserve this day to blog about my celebration last year. God knows how many times was I been tempted to blog about Lalimar way back, and how I wish I have this blog way back in 2011. But, time to move on..hehe Now is the perfect time to take a peak a my 2011 birthday-getaway-with-friends since I already made plans for this year- super excited! and I'll be sharing them up all here...:)

The entire crew. Only five of us went through the plan coz it's a 2 hour ride from Dumaguete, and I opt to have it overnight!

The place:

Photo Credits to Lalimar. You may visit their blog  (here).

Lalimar is situated in La Libertad, Negros Oriental- a town 105 kilometers north of Dumaguete City.

This resort is a good choice for families who wish to bond with class yet so affordable. Their cottage price is cheap as well as it's relatively big. Good enough for a group 8 or even 10. The infinity pool is as well eye-catching and its the center of attraction. The kiddie pool will keep your kids busy. It's 4 feet so need not to worry. The good thing is, they have Lifeguards which is a relief.

Picture perfect we are!

We walked the entire place and look what we found:

They have a hall that could cater weddings, events, seminars and all the like.

Their rooms are the most comf'tiest! The interiors are the all Filipino-style that would make you feel like home.

The sunrise and sunset would be a beauty on this sight!

My friend Bogs.

We have a lot of jumping too..hehe

It's the best way to burn those unwanted food...haha
We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming like literally swimming and eating. It was all eating day.

Those feet are a killer!..haha
I must tell you though that we spent the night at a lodging house, because it's a lot cheaper, and we decided have some drinks in the evening. Lalimar is exclusively supplying drinks by the way. So need not bring those liters of coke. They have all that...:)

It is I think a blessing in disguise having not to spend a night at Lalimar. I'll tell you why on my next post...hehe

Every day is a celebration of life and love. I truly believe that friends are borrowed angels. They are there in times of happiness and sorrow. I have lot of friends, but I can only count who really stays in my heart. True friends comes only comes once in a lifetime, so take care of them too....xoxo!


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog dear, I'm a new follower on GFC and bloglovin, hope you follow back :D the location looks great!

  2. friends ang the best kasama sa mga outings rather yung ka family mo ,.... ganun ako eh ghahahahaha .... nice yung resort curious ako kung anu yung next post mo

    1. so mom is a bit conservative...hahaha

  3. Ganda ng place! Love ko ang mga infinity pools! I'm a new follower!

  4. Thanks for sharing this lovely affair & scenery by way of your lovely comment in my blog! I MISS THE PHILIPPINES!


  5. the place is so inviting, i like that... such a nice place! nice blog, too!

    Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  6. Wow, me encanta la piscina, ahora mismo me tiraria de cabeza. Besos

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    Love so much you're blog, is amazing!
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  8. Gorgeous post dear!
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  9. These are such awesome photos, your birthday was definitely amazing!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lovely day!

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  11. nice pics! would love to go there too..

    1. yeah...visit here soon dear...i'm sure you'll gonna love it!

  12. Kumusta Grah,

    Wow, this place looks awesome! This makes me miss the Philippines. Would love to go there with my family sometime; we have never been to Negros yet (although I could see it from Cebu Island), so I would like to visit there maybe next time we are in Cebu (my wife's from Misamis Occ., but we stay in Cebu City much of the time we're in the Phils). I really prefer the Filipino-style nipa hut type resorts to stay, much more fun than the typical resorts. How's the beach there? Do you know if anyone runs a ferry from Cebu to that part of Negros? Looking forward to reading more of your blog... are you from Dumaguete?

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, following and your kind comments, please drop by anytime! I will definitely keep coming back and reading your interesting blog/following.

    Pag amping!

    1. You are gladly invited to come over to the Negros Island. We don't have a white sand here, but the beach and the resorts are definitely to look out for. From Cebu, you need to ride through a 4-hour trip to Lilo-An from the South Bus Terminal. It's a long ride, but the view is really great! Afterwards, you may take a ferry from Lilo.An to the port of Sibulan, which would be 45 minutes. Then you are in Negros already. You may try to visit Antulang. A very nice place to enjoy family quality time. Thanks for the very lovely comment. I surely would be checking into your post...:)


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