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Tagaytay City

This would be my last post for my Manila or Luzon trip so to speak. Sorry to be out of space this past few days, I have some internet connection issues. Anyhow, I really did enjoy my short visit, so last stop is at Tagaytay City. Excited so much! I was really on my toes, and I was the one who really pushed the Tagaytay side trip. I even helped my friend Dean with the van rental negotiation and so on. So, I woke up early, took a couple of walk to grab a Starbucks coffee just along the United Nations Avenue, and a breakfast at Chowking. I promised my self to eat only a little because I don't want to eat too much when I am on for a road trip.

The van was settled for P4000 for the whole day from Manila to Tagaytay.  It was supposedly only good for 12 seats but we were 15, so the driver have no choice but agreed on our terms...wahaha (evul laugh)
It was a 2 hour ride perhaps.
While we are heading Tagaytay, you can't help but notice the fruit and flower stalls along the highway. You can as well see furniture stores along side. How I wish I can stop and buy my mom the Last Supper wood carving she dreams of having. Oh well! That can wait some other time...:)

Tagaytay City is one of the Philippines tourist destination because of the scenic view over the Taal Lake and not to mention the comfort of their cold weather. Tagaytay is one of the third-class city in the Philippines and is 55 km away from Manila if you pass through the Aguinaldo Highway. It would be like roughly 2 and a half hour I think from Manila if I am not mistaken with traffic. For our first stop People's Park.

Entrance of P15. The Jeepney ride would be for P5. Not bad.
This view is breathtaking.

I did some shopping here.
We got starved after that short ride from Manila and after that site seeing extravaganza. This is the most funny and embarrassing moment. Promise! We actually don't know where to eat, and my friend's tita suggested Leslie's. The driver parked the van somewhere near the exit, and he refused to joined us inside. So we were like, sure Manong? So we went there and sat down, opened the menu, and viola! It's perfectly expensive. I'm not saying I can't afford it, it just that some can't really splurge into their food. We slowly got out of the restaurant, and looked for Manong driver. He was literally laughing! Like laughing! We told him, he should have warned us first! We then tried RSM. We learned this time, we sent 2 of our friends to take a peek at their menu and see if everybody can afford it. It was okay, but still expensive. So we gave up and asked Manong Driver, where we can eat and taste their famous bulalo. He said "Mahogany." I was like okay. We really didn't expect he took us to the market place. We were like laughing our hearts out! We were too tired so I guess we don't have a choice anymore. We don't want to eat in a fast food chain.

We or at least I ordered a lot. I never was expecting their viand serving would cost P150 each regardless of the kind. I was like omeegash! So, we were all so excited for the Bulalo. But I was just so disappointed with the taste..:( Actually, all of the food are like karenderia taste. But what do I expect right?, well my ex's mom does the best Bulalo I've ever tasted in my entire existence- like no kidding. I was hoping they would top that, but sadly it didn't. One thing that got me irritated are the Espasol vendors. I don't mean to be mean. I kindly told her, i'm okay, and I don't want to buy one, because I tasted one in People's Park, and it was okay. I am not a big fan of it, but she insisted, and she was at first selling it for 4 packs for P100, so some of my friends bought one set, and later when we are about to leave, they were like chasing us, and bargaining their Espasol for 9 packs for P100!!!! I was like, why would you guys want to buy that? I'm sorry. I was just ranting. I just feel so irritated that whenever I remember my Tagaytay trip, I also remember Espasol. I know it's childish, but what the heck? I'm just saying. So let's move on...weewh! We went to Picnic Grove.

P35 parking fee, P50/pax entrance fee.
I enjoyed the view. This I think is the best spot to see Taal Lake's grandeur. I was looking at the whole scene for like 5 minutes without blinking. I am not kidding. I love the air of Tagaytay here, and I love the feel of nature and the wonder of Taal Lake is just priceless.

This is also one of their adventure park. I was just not in the mood to ride anything.

It wasn't that a perfect ride, but we had fun anyway. At times it's the companionship that really matters. One thing I've learned and would like to advise you guys, bring your own food. Tagaytay is for picnics. That's for sure. It would be nice to be in this place and not being able to spend so much and then ends up ranting like me...lols! Anyway, every trip has its story. This sure is one of them. Espasol! My next post would be all for Summer. So excited. I missed you guys!...xoxo!


Another day or two in Manila...

So back to my Manila Trip as a continuation of this post. We stayed at the Manila Hostel Bay- a fine place I must say. Their comfort rooms are clean, their rooms are air conditioned, it's safe, affordable, and the most important is the location of which is right in heart of Manila. Unfortunately, I don't have a personal photo of the place, you may check it out on their website here. Locating this place though is tricky, so a simple advice, use your GPS and ask a bit. Now, being in this place made us near to the Luneta Park. I originally wish to jog in the place very early in the morning, but waking up so early is a huuuuuge challenge and I opt to just doze off instead. I walked to the park right after the conference let's see how it went.

Very patriotic!
Right after the conference, I don't want to waste my time sleeping at the hostel and wait for the time, I asked Ate Cath to come and join me. I wanted to see first hand the most famous Luneta Park. I wanted to see how it feels or what people usually do. I know all parks are the same, but I sometimes just want to sit, walk a bit, and observe people especially if I am not in my own hometown. It helps you understand people better. It fascinates me.

We got stuck in the middle of the traffic. Might as well take photos...:)

Visiting the Ocean Park came across my mind after strolling the Luneta Park, but I have a limited time, and we still need to look for some place to eat. I also want to try riding LTR more than I wanted to see the jelly fish...haha So I woke the boys up and urge them to get ready for BGC (Bonifacio Global City). I love this place the first time I've been here and I wanted to experience it at night, but we need to feed our hungry stomach first. We went to Market Market- which by the way was not the best idea. The place is jam-packed. Every restaurant is dead full!

We dined at Kamay Kainan at Market Market, Taguig. Their food are actually a so-so. A typical buffet restaurant. But hey, do we have a choice here? We tried to taste every a bit of everything they serve. It was okay- just enough to feed you so to say. Nothing special or whatsoever. Panawid Gutom!
It was a never ending walk that almost got me giving up. Remember how I told you that I am not a big fan of walking; especially they were like running while walking to catch a bus, well it shows. I kept on complaining and asking along the way. We reached BGC after a couple of walk. Whew! I literally rest my toes on that platform.

This place is divine after walking through the streets.
He sang so good, you can't help but share the love!
I was relieved to see available cabs along BGC streets..:) They decided to go to Greenbelt 4. I have no idea where it is, good thing I am confident riding cabs. I just need to know how much is the fair from the my standpoint just to make sure the driver won't deceive us, and what I need to see when I reach the place. Viola! I'm at Greenbelt. The first reaction I have is "expensive". I don't really care that I look like a poor probinsyana girl. I would honestly say I don't know what to expect. So we walk again! around G4 and realized I can't afford even a single item. I tried to have a taste of the Macaroons, but the "bread boutique" I call it; is already closing, so we walk again and decided to look for a place to just sit and take time talking with good friends.

We actually got tired of walking...haha Kidding!
For the last stop, we spent the rest of our time at Starbucks.

Having a cup of tea with honey is a treat after a day of walking! See! I kept repeating it! Well, that is what I kept on remembering though. It is almost midnight, and we need to get back to the Luneta area. Meaning, we need to ride a bus to get back to Manila. I suddenly miss home, and the comfort of having a cup of tea just a few blocks away. But I enjoyed the city lights nevertheless. It excites me somehow. Every building's architecture is artistic too. Till my next post for my Luzon trip. Thank you for the visit and for the comments- I heart you guys!...xoxo!


A day or two in Manila...

I see the clouds turns a little darker and dense, I know for sure I am near Manila and any time soon we will be descending. I am greatly amazed by Manila's tall buildings, wide roads, night lights, and especially malls! Here I am again, and my schedules are tight. With a limited time; considering I need to give 30 minutes travel time to get to the place- my first need-to-go-and-see is the blogger EB. This is probably one of the reason I was so excited for my Manila trip.

This is my first time meeting this fellas and tell you we were talking like we knew every one since birth...chos! They are all so fun.
Opps! Let me try to remember everyone..Haha Please forgive me if I may miss anyone. From left. Senyor Iskwater, Cheenee, Meow, Kuya Mar, Me, Jun, Kulapitot, and Pao Kun. Did I get that correctly?
Your highness. The king Archieviner.
From left: Kulapitot, Kuya Mar, Daddy Jay, Pao Kun, Bagotilyo, Rix, and Meow.
From left again: Senyor Iskwater, Arline of The Pink Line, Cheenee, Axl and Jun on that far end.
They sold me this pin. It is sticking on my back pack now. I love it. Thanks for selling it to me, Senyor...harhar! Now, I can put the banner on my blog for PBO right?...hehe
It took them hours to finish cutting this flyer out. Thanks flyer, without you keeping them busy, they might have been bored and ends up eating for hours waiting for everyone...:)

I also got a key chain which is as well hanging proudly on my back pack, and the cute bottle opener with a magnet on our refrigerator from Daddy Jay, thanks a bunch. Oh! I almost forgot I loved the Ferrero Rochers chocolate. I was overwhelmed with the thought that I actually saw them personally, they are indeed a group of over the top fun, intelligent, opinionated, and beyond gorgeous people...:) I would also like to apologize for not bringing a pasalubong, I got so busy and lazy before the flight...hehe I promise to bring Silvanas the next time we have EB like this...:) So the conference went on, and I have blogged about it already. I also got to see my childhood friend who treat me at Vikings in MOA. I mus tell you guys that this is by far the best buffet I have ever been. I love sea foods, and they have everything! Like literally everything you can think of. From street foods, to steamed vegetables, pasta, pizzas, salads, Chinese and Japanese cuisine, and not to mention the best Filipino Cuisine there is. The Patatim is sweet.

My childhood friend from the Left: Ron, Me, and my best friend's little brother Jason. We have not seen each other in 9 years. I really missed him...:( How I wish I can come to Cavite with him and spend the night with his family, but I can't really...:( There has been a lot to say and to talk about, but I think we can wait for the next meet up..:S

Their Maki taste wonderful. Clearly it does.
The refreshing line of fruit juices.
The over flowing dessert table is to die for! I love to taste everything, it just wouldn't fit in my stomach.
White chocolates, glittered cake- the opera cake gave me a little confusion on the taste, not sure what it wants to have you taste either the chocolate filling or the caramel. Maybe that is why it is called opera cake. Moose cakes- perfect delight!
You can make your own Halo-halo, you can also make your own crepe on the other side.
Grilled Hungarian Sausage, hotdogs, pork, chicken wings, drumsticks, liver, gizzards, etc.
Shrimps and Prawns are on this corner. They also have baked Talaba that I loved so much. I ate a bunch...burp!
The beer is included on that unlimited label. Ron and Jason stayed there and enjoyed the best of unli beer. Weekends are at P1000 and P800 for weekdays. It is a must try and must go back place. Just a piece of advice, please do a reservation. You may as well visit their site for a better look on their food. Promise it taste wonderful as it looks.

I have to leave them because my friends are waiting for me at Star City. I was hesitant to go because I was so full, and I'm afraid of throwing up on those rides, but I wouldn't miss my roller coaster ride. I love buhis buhay rides by the way.

I was screaming so hard and holding my breath the whole ride. I was afraid of throwing up. The food I have on Vikings are too delightful to be wasted...haha I repeatedly took 3 rides...I couldn't get enough of it..:)

Got freaked out by The Mummy horror chamber.
Viking ride. I got dizzy with this ride..I wouldn't want to do it again...:(

The bump cars were one of the best.

Good that I wore a thong sandals. I was so scared getting my self soaked on that water ride, but glad I wasn't....:)

I need to meet Ron again, as I promised to go back to MOA and spend a little more time with him. The resto closed at around 10:00 PM, and it's nearly 11:00 PM so we meet up again at the Harbour Square just a block away from Star City to have coffee at Krispy Kreme.

Ron talked about his travel abroad and gave me some tips on where to go, what to eat, on each Asian country he has been to. He by the way traveled the entire Asia. I was so listening to him hard.
We walked and spent some time at the dock. We were amazed by the city lights and the shadow it is creating on the sea. It was a perfect place to just talk, but we need to call it a night...:( He promised to visit me one day in Dumaguete and he wants me to take him to the places I have been mentioning on my blog. He is as well grateful to those travel bloggers because he pointed out that travel blogs are a tremendous help when you are traveling.

I still have a lot to say and a lot of photos, but I would have to cut this post short as I still have the part 2, and 3 for my Manila trip. So hang on you guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and for the comments, I am truly grateful. Till my next city lights post...xoxo!