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T-tech Summer of 2011

As I was browsing through my old photos online, I came across our company summer outing last year with the theme Ohana Teletech Sportstacular Summer! held at Bravo Golf Hotel Resort and Spa. It is just right to blog about this because we'll be having this year's outing next week on this same place. I am excited to see the developments of the resort a year after. While the memories of last year is still clear, let me share it to you....hehe

Getting ready for those balloons...just blowin' a kiss...mwah!!!...hehe
Meet my gurls...they are the most fun and uh-mazing people. The computer savvy Jannette. I love her summer hat, and thanks for reformatting my phone's OS..hehe The dancer-singer MJ. I envy the blue wig. She won't have me borrow it for the picture taking. She says it her fave color, and she's afraid we might have the same hair-concept thing, and I was like, seriously? The gorgeous Aicy. Those furs are itchy! The most adorable and the youngest Valerie. You surely are all in yellow, Val?..hahaha
When we arrived at the venue, the band is already singing their heart out, and it was like 10:00 AM. It is freakin' hot!!! I salute them for setting the party mood though..hehe.

To make the event more memorable and fun, we joined the games. This is the volley-balloon, and guess what?  we won!!! We had so much fun making sure the balloon won't blow. Otherwise, you'll get wet and you'll lose the competition.

Dance competition is always present, right? Our department won again. Yeyy!!

Tummy is full!, the sun is up and ready!, and music is on..this could mean one's time to invade the area. We are like all over the place and then take photos and then click again, and again, and again. It was a never ending photo shoot. Our jaws didn't complain after long hours of smiling, so don't worry about it...hehe...:)
The closing remarks tells you that the party has just started, so this is what we got!....:)

The band has their second set of party songs. We couldn't help but rock the beat!!! tugs! tugs! tugs!...hehe

Their pool is big enough for us three...hahaha just kidding. Relaxing our selves on their Jacuzzi.

The photos indeed brought a nostalgic feeling. I think they are meant for that very reason anyway...hehe Too bad some of my friends have already given up their call center dreams..:( On the lighter side, the whole summer-outing-fun brings about camaraderie to each and every one regardless of what department you are into. It is also like a fuel to my never ending summer cravings...hehe Check out my next post and I'll tell you how this year's outing went....xoxo!

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