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Ocean24: A Sendong aftermath

Beneath every bad circumstance comes a blessing in disguise. This goes the same with Ocean24. This hot spring resort came to life after the typhoon Sendong. After the huge flood- I must tell you by the way that this area is the most affected barangay- a piece of land was formed. Right there and then the owner turned the area into a tourist destination...genius!, which is perfectly located at Caidiocan, Valencia. This resort is just a few steps away from a geothermal plant. SFC Dumaguete decided to have a fellowhip- I suggested this resort, and I am utmost happy they considered....:) Let me share some photos.

Going there is an eye-filled experience. You need to take a jeepney by the way if you don't have a motorcycle or car. It would only cost you P20. Before arriving to this resort, you'll get to see the huuuuge rocks that were drifted by the flood. The main river is just so beautiful. You  got to see a sulfur vent along the way- you need to cover your nose, it doesn't smell that good...hehe You also get to see a mini waterfalls. I'll have that all posted on my next blog....:)

The SFC Dumaguete Chapter.
This is how cool the place is. It is like a resort in the middle of a rain forest.

They have a pool for the little ones.
Their pool is actually flowing. The water that comes out of it goes here. These are man-made Tilapia pond.
They have an entrance fee of P30. Their cottages are big enough for the whole family, and they have super cool names. See.

Their rubber chairs are recycled tires which is innovative, creative, and eco-friendly, right?...hehe

Their cottages are named after an expensive brand. This one is Gucci.

So enough of those. Let us see how we spell F-U-N!

Oh my! They have a lot of working out to do...haha over ready!

This I think is the 4th attempt to get a jump shot. My nose are complaining already!...We actually gave up...hehe

This resort is somehow a representation of hope. It made me think that there is still goodness in every bad happening, and that there is a purpose for everything. When all seems to be impossible, the only thing you can hold on is hope. Thinking positive that is!...xoxo!

Photo of the day:

Thanks so much to my photographer, Joeny...:)


Eavesdropping Sunday

Sitting in a cafe and thinking what to post, what to do next, what to eat, who to text for a company, or rather waiting for someone, where to chill on another laid back Sunday- I love Sundays by the way, but sometimes it tires me big time too!!! ...hehe However, what really interest me in moments such as this are what people talks about- eavesdropping!!...I know! Hahaha It's just so funny how you can relate to them at times, and how you wish you could just butt-in and join the conversation- I'm just talkative maybe....:)

This made us laugh our hearts out! I'd like you guys to guess if I put a TIP...hahaha This is at The Bean Connection.

Let me share some photos that I took on my eavesdropping activity. I can't help but laugh at it as well.

The lady is actually summing up the sales she made. I actually overheard that she is a medical representative, and where she lives....imagine!...hahaha Now, the guy is a business man who is so furious about the trip he didn't make. I was about to laugh how he nearly yell on his phone call...hahaha

The guy in lavender is a professor as well as the guy with the white shirt. The three fellows are I think their students. They are mentoring how it is to run a play. They are actually running through scripts about Steve Jobs. They read it with expressions by the way! It was cool!...hahaha Let me say Bravo!!!

This is  my friend who just got his new Galaxy S3. The monster phone, I must say. He is tweaking something on some settings. He wasn't paying attention any way...hehehe

Now, this is the funniest. Let me create the story through the pictures...hahaha Scenario: A group of three young ladies came in, but the cafe is full.

Lady 1: Hey guys I think it's full, and then they saw some drawings on the board.

All: That's cool. Who draw these?

Lady 1: I like this one better. Lady 2: No, this one looks cool!

Lady 1 and 2: We look funny and someone is watching over us. It's embarrassing. THE END...hahaha

I'm just occupying my self guys, and I wast just joking....hehehe I hope this does not invade anybody's privacy....hahaha Anyway, I would like to share that Coffee is my favorite I'm huuuge coffee fan...:) Anything being sold in a coffee shop is for me to die for. Look:

Macaroons of Qyosko.

My favorite Mocha Freeze by Bo's Coffee.

Mc Donald's coffee and hamdesal are a life-saver!!

Cafe Antonio is the spelling of awesomeness!!!

Coffee is getting into my dreams at the Coffee Dream.

Kofficcino's blue berry cake it is.
The last four photos are from my friend Dean. I must tell you that he took food photos wonderfully that you would have cravings by merely looking at it. With the diet I am on, it's the toughest!!!!!

Loneliness nowadays is getting comf'table. Not that I am a loner now, it's just that I am loving the thought of giving my self a treat- with a coffee, pampering with a massage or something relaxing. This is one way of continuously loving my self more more and more....hehehe There is much to do with silence I therefore conclude...xoxo!

PS: At the end of the night, we instead took photos inside the cafe. I hope the students were not disturbed...hahaha

I'm with the boys in town baby!...My photo of the day!....Thanks to Will..:)


My bestie and me meets Cebu City!

It has been 8 long years- as far as I can remember, that I haven't see my best friend. We grew up together and eventually have to take separate ways for college. I worked here, and she went abroad to chase her dreams. Silence was what we have, we lost love, and so on...blah blah blah...hehehe Now going back, it's her vacation and she's in Cebu City- which is just a five-hour ride from where I am. A chance to meet and catch things up, right? So we did....:]

We have to wait in line to get a cab!

Ayala Center Cebu

I just wanted to show you the city streets and views that I found fascinating.

It's just so amazing how one person understands you even if you don't have to talk.

We are hoping to exercise our vocal cords but too bad they are fully-booked...:( 
From left: Betchay a very close high school friend, center: my most loved bestie, and me!!!

They just arrived from Bohol. We came here after dinner....:)
We have no place to go. Not so party people we are- it was raining too so might as well get a comfty place, eh? That is why we need to contact one more friend to accommodate us...hehehe We talked tons of stuffs!!! There is no place for silence and dull moments here. Time runs so fast and we need to part ways again...:( My bestie needs to catch her 8:00 AM!

From left: Tito Jan, Betchay, Me, Bes, and Shine.

This is Shine one of my school bus-mate way back in high school. A very dear friend as well.

This is the first time ever that I have not been stressed with Cebu's streets. Oh! I never had or never did took the jeepney FYI...hehe Anyhow, I'm just beyond happy to see her again. I know this is not going to be the last. We all nagged her to give us her itinerary of her next home visit....haha I'm already excited for our next meet up. I hope everyone would be present this time around...xoxo!


Weekends that I love!

Stress-reliever for me is defined as home- family for that matter. Me and my cousins are a pack of outgoing individuals. So me and a six to seven more combined together would totally be a whole lot of fun! We're just so lucky the oldies are ever supportive of our rendezvous....hehe This would be like 6 to 7 turistas on board...yay! Seeing them, spending time with them gives me that inner peace. I'm not sure how they do it though...hehe So come along and you'll see why...:]

School intramural and one of my cousin is a participant of the squad cheer competition. We are are her cheerers as she cheers for her team as well...hehe 
She is in here. I bet she doesn't want me to tell you where she is. She's kinda shy...hehe

One ordinary Sunday, we decided to go to the nearest beach to have a breath of fresh air.

What is a beach if we are not to plunge into the water, right?..hehe Sea shell hunt is also a tradition. We all have aquariums by the way. We really are related...hehe
A newly learned game: Rummikub.

This is what we actually found instead of shells. They are fascinating. Don't worry, we put them back into the water after taking photos of it...hehe
Taking them into some fancy restaurants- my treat of course also makes me happy.
Seeing these two little iddy-giddy-boys grow makes my heart grow each time as well..aww..I just love them.



They also has their own escapades that I am not invited...kidding. Work makes it impossible to come along...:(

Luparan Falls at Tanjay City.
Their Moalboal Cebu,City trip with the kids.

For me, it doesn't really matter what you are family member loves doing together, just like the old cliche says "it's the thought that counts". The memories you have with them is what makes your bond stronger every time. Each of us needed that home. A place where we can say we indeed belong and we are loved. Home somehow neutralizes our fast- phase life. Well, I do. I hope you guys do too...xoxo!