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Spontaneously at Bambulo.

It's a same-old-same-old badminton Sunday and an ample time is what I have before church. I'm starving after an intense 2 1/2- hour fat burning game with my old folks...hehe "tripping" I call it...haha Somehow, my little tummy monster is craving for a very tasteful lunch. It's Sunday- family and rest days here so only few restaurants open- great!!! My friend kept suggesting and actually talking about Bambulo. Hard to say the word- I know!...hehe So just for the heck of trying and urgency- let's hit it!

This place has also been affected by the typhoon Sendong. I am really happy they are now open for business...:)

It was a very windy day. I must say it is way beyond the usual. We even have a hard time getting into this place. This scene welcomed us. I am just happy nobody is hurt. The gate has been damaged, but nothing serious, so good grief!

First look of the resort, I was like "okay, guys I'm hungry!" I was not hoping to see these:

They have a souvenir's shop which is cool.

The look of the pool is enchanting!..hehe

They have this, because they have a mini golf course.

This is part of their lobby. They have a bar too.

This is part of the mini golf course.

Now this is awesome! They have this at their jacuzzi.

This is their one-of-a-kind jacuzzi. It is like a small cave. The opening that you see on the pool, that will lead you to this uh-mazing jacuzzi. Great idea, right? It's like you are in an amusement park. At least, that is how I feel...(wink!)
Now, let us take a look at what is in store for my ever hungry tummy....hehe

The menu of the week. Yum yum yum!

This is their complementary food...unexpected I must admit..:)

Their vege side dish is delisyoso!

A bucket of chicken nuggets it is!

Avocado shakes are by the way my favorite! I am just so happy they have it here.

After the food is served and photos of them are taken already..lols!, we are happy campers....hehe
After a sumptuous lunch, what to do since I haven't bring any swim wear? Take photos of course...hehe

Their trash bins are so cute and eco-friendly looking....hehe

This is the friend I was talking about earlier. You can visit her blog as well HERE.
A lot of times the places that are not well-know or very hard to memorize names- are the ones that surprises us with food, ambiance, and the best customer service. Maybe because they want to be partly exclusive. The owners wanted to keep the place quite for their own as well, escape the city pollution- don't mention the serenity of the place by the way...hehe and then have the word of mouth do the advertising- with this I must say it's achieved!..xoxo!

P.S. I have this last...hehehe

How would I forget to take a photo of this?....(wink!)


The wild life encounter.

When I was a kid, I have this fear of huge underwater creatures- dolphins aside...haha well particularly sharks!!..I mean, who isn't right? Growing up in the island of Sulu, I heard a lot of scary stories about it. It gives me nightmares as a matter of fact. With the help of Discovery Channel and Nat Geo, I got to know sharks in a different light. Although, they are stills scary and outrageously dangerous, fascination comes tickling in. I actually want to see one, but I demand to be put in a steel cage...hahaha I also came to know that sharks has a lot of kind, and guess what!?...I came to experience being not less than 5 meters away from one. Look!

Before getting into the canoe, you need to go through the orientation. They need to make sure the sharks are well-protected and that visitors would not make them feel in danger.

A shiver of Whale Sharks or Tuki- as what the locals call it, all of a sudden reached the shores of Oslob, Cebu City one morning. This municipality's main source of income is primarily fishing.  So imagine the fear of the first fisherman who encounter them!..hahaha It then became the talk of the town, then later became the talk of the country.

The so so excited us!!

They were hoping they would flee the next day because they are all gone after 12:00 noon. They were wrong, The shiver came back the next morning, and the day after, and the week after. It became a habit for them to come back to shore every single day. There might be enough source of food on that part of the sea...:)

It then affected the fishing of the locals. The government then should find a remedy to the sort of problem they have with the sharks and the effect it has on the local's source of income.

The plankton are now in trouble...hehe

They can't afford to drive away these lovely creatures. What they came up was awesome. They protected the sharks and feed them whenever they are on shore. They then allow to people come see them do the feeding...good one!

My heart jolted when I saw this.

It's so near and fascinating that I wanted to hug it and take it home with me....hehe
I took and savoured every moment I have with these beauty.

The imitator me...hehe

I plunge into the deep water below to exactly see how they look like and how big they are. It was so amazing how they can be so gigantic, yet so gentle.
It's time to go. Happy visitors we are..:)

We have a new boatman-woman...hehe

The photographer Walter Grapa. Kudos to him for a job well done. The photos are just so amazingly good.. (wink!)...:)

Our one and only family photo...hehe

Time to go guys...The sun is coming up, sunblock lotions and creams are not allowed here...:)
After all the fascination and fun I had with Tuki, the inner save-the-sea part of me is on high again. It makes me really think of ways on how to do our part on coastal protection. I came to understand that these creatures exist to balance the ecosystem. Their teeth are harder and bigger that ours. They appear scary and ferocious, but hey who isn't? We too are somehow a threat to them. That is how they are made naturally, but that doesn't mean they can't accept care and protection, right? We humans are still the leader of the pack...xx!


Forest camper at The Forest Camp!

Whenever me and my friends feel like it's so hot that you can actually smell the scorching heat, the roads are super super busy- traffic!, and the boredom of the lazy afternoon is creeping into our veins, we have one place in mind that is sure a cure- The Forest Camp! Where else would we be?..haha! This is one of those places that I often times called "The extension of our house"..hehe I have been here countless times already as well..I guess I won't get tired of this place. I feel so comf'table with it. You'll know why later, so come and take a look at the place.

They have 6 big pools that you can enjoy. Mind you they are freezingly cold!!!

You might want to ask where the water came from, right? The left side of the camp has a gorgeous river. Now, they installed a big pipe that would re-route the water to their empty pools. I know! Genius right?
They also have these cottages for overnight campers. Their prices are affordable as well.

This is the coolest! They have a hanging bridge that connects the two cliffs. It is amazing how they utilize their space and turned it into a sort of paradise.
I first heard of this place back in college. Oh! Before I forget, I would like to say that they have their own fish pond where you can go fishing and have your fish cooked the way you liked it. Soup, fried, grill, or whatever you like- they can cook it! They have the best crew, you know. At the back of their cottages, they also has a little farm where you can pick fresh fruits like Lanzones and Rambutan but of course, that if they are in season...hehe

Last December 15 to be exact, the typhoon Sendong hit the Philippine territory. Sad to say, this beauty was not exempted by its wrath. The ranging water was so wide that it covered the whole area where the pools are located.The highest cliff that was located on the far right of the river collapsed. The bridge before arriving this area collapsed as well that makes it impossible to cross. The river was the split into two on the lower part of the bridge. When you look at it, the whole place is nothing but a flood of soil, water, animals, and everything that nature can hold of. It was a horrifying day for everyone who lives near the river.  The Forest Camp's management and crew were lucky the entire place was not covered with water. Some of the cottages were not swept by the water.

At the back of the my friends is suppose to be a small river. Now, it dried up because of the water re-routing to the other side of the place...:(

At the back of Randi was supposed to be all green. Now, it is all brown and sandy....:(
We are so glad the resort was re-built and fixed. After a couple of months they had it working. They had the place renovated as well. Knowing that was a relief! We may not be able to control natural catastrophes that could lead to major destructions, but we can somehow help prevent such by protecting or preserving the mother earth even in our own simple ways. I really believe that big achievement starts with self. The drive to have a green earth starts on those seeds planted in each and everyone's heart. I don't want places such as these ending up as a memory...xoxo!

PS: I have this new addiction..hehe A photo of my feet on the places I stepped right?..hehe Try it too, its surprisingly a photo of the day..hehe