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Forest camper at The Forest Camp!

Whenever me and my friends feel like it's so hot that you can actually smell the scorching heat, the roads are super super busy- traffic!, and the boredom of the lazy afternoon is creeping into our veins, we have one place in mind that is sure a cure- The Forest Camp! Where else would we be?..haha! This is one of those places that I often times called "The extension of our house"..hehe I have been here countless times already as well..I guess I won't get tired of this place. I feel so comf'table with it. You'll know why later, so come and take a look at the place.

They have 6 big pools that you can enjoy. Mind you they are freezingly cold!!!

You might want to ask where the water came from, right? The left side of the camp has a gorgeous river. Now, they installed a big pipe that would re-route the water to their empty pools. I know! Genius right?
They also have these cottages for overnight campers. Their prices are affordable as well.

This is the coolest! They have a hanging bridge that connects the two cliffs. It is amazing how they utilize their space and turned it into a sort of paradise.
I first heard of this place back in college. Oh! Before I forget, I would like to say that they have their own fish pond where you can go fishing and have your fish cooked the way you liked it. Soup, fried, grill, or whatever you like- they can cook it! They have the best crew, you know. At the back of their cottages, they also has a little farm where you can pick fresh fruits like Lanzones and Rambutan but of course, that if they are in season...hehe

Last December 15 to be exact, the typhoon Sendong hit the Philippine territory. Sad to say, this beauty was not exempted by its wrath. The ranging water was so wide that it covered the whole area where the pools are located.The highest cliff that was located on the far right of the river collapsed. The bridge before arriving this area collapsed as well that makes it impossible to cross. The river was the split into two on the lower part of the bridge. When you look at it, the whole place is nothing but a flood of soil, water, animals, and everything that nature can hold of. It was a horrifying day for everyone who lives near the river.  The Forest Camp's management and crew were lucky the entire place was not covered with water. Some of the cottages were not swept by the water.

At the back of the my friends is suppose to be a small river. Now, it dried up because of the water re-routing to the other side of the place...:(

At the back of Randi was supposed to be all green. Now, it is all brown and sandy....:(
We are so glad the resort was re-built and fixed. After a couple of months they had it working. They had the place renovated as well. Knowing that was a relief! We may not be able to control natural catastrophes that could lead to major destructions, but we can somehow help prevent such by protecting or preserving the mother earth even in our own simple ways. I really believe that big achievement starts with self. The drive to have a green earth starts on those seeds planted in each and everyone's heart. I don't want places such as these ending up as a memory...xoxo!

PS: I have this new addiction..hehe A photo of my feet on the places I stepped right?..hehe Try it too, its surprisingly a photo of the day..hehe


  1. wow! i love the HAT gurls. lol



  2. what an amazing place... great to read your story and to know that even though it was hit by the typhoon it is now already rebuilt because it is too nice not to!

  3. beautiful..i thought it was really damaged and would be nonfunctional forever , but as what is being written it is now rebuilt and renovated. praise God for such wonder! tnx for the write makes me feel that nature really is the expression of GOd's beauty and art..a physical attribute that proves of His power and magnificence. God bless!

    1. Yes, indeed God is good. You can now visit Forest Camp. They are now open for business...such a nice place to escape from the city heat...:)



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