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Let's fly Tierra Alta!

I think I have always blogged about me having so much fun on the beach or in water. Now this time, let me take you to heights as I took my first zipline ride at Tierra Alta. We had this one day team building- you know how it is in the call center. We have all sorts of team building....hehe, and we thought lets do something unusual. Let's go up in the mountain and experience the rush, and so we decided to take the zipline challenge. It was awesome but terrifying as well....hehe The land is actually a subdivision intended for high-end residents who wishes to get out of the busy city lights, but the place has this gorgeous cliff on the far end of the lot so they turned that side of the subdivision into an adventure park. Genius! Let me take you for a ride...:)

The landing zone.

There is the tower. It is too far...hehe but I like the view of it from up here. We climbed their tower to see the full mountain view. It was worth the dizziness...hehe

I always thought I don't have that fear of heights, because I thought I can manage it...hehe I was a bit surprised when I actually felt so scared climbing the tower where you are to be board. My nerves are actually shaking...hehe but somehow deep within me, I need to get over it. I can't let it spoil the fun...hehe

Meet the people behind every metrics hit...:)

My them!...hehe
We need to sign those waivers first..I object!...kidding...hehe
Do I have a choice here?...hahaha
Let us get this thing started. I am so excited after I signed the waiver. I actually did not read through it. I know I can make it...I mean, that's the spirit!...go go go! Let's ride the cart...hehe

Go Tito Albert!

Pretty Val!

Hey! That's me...hehe so proud of my self...hehe


Job well done dad!

I know you can fly...hehe

This is how to pose for cuteness even up in the air...hehe

Was it successful?...Val says "Oh yeah"!
Since we went there early and finished ahead of time. There is still lot to see. What to do next? Took photos of our selves...hehe..We are so not nars...:)

 My first zipline ride was a blast! Beating and overcoming that fear of heights is an achievement...hehe I was like...yeah! the whole time I was up in the air. This getaway is also made possible because I have my closest friends with me. You know, sometimes a brave heart comes from an assuring eye of a friend. What more if you have friends...get the picture?..:) Now, I'm thinking, I'm ready for any up-in-the-air bring it!...xoxo!


  1. The pics can really tell you've enjoyed a lot.I think Ill try the zip line one of these days.

  2. Thanks for dropping by...yeah, you should try this one out and have it on your blog as well...:)


  3. nice blog :)
    Let`s follow each other sweetie!

  4. Hi, looks really nice!! I wouldn's have the guts to do that... but looks amazing!
    I'm folowing you back! ;)

  5. It makes me happy to have you as my follower...:)


    1. next stop..bohol(danao napud)...i hope u could write an exciting story on that place too..hehehe..hope to see more pics of u on ur ventures such as this..well described ang lugar ug event, nahan pud ko mo go ani nga place..pohon pohon:)

    2. yes, i really hope i can go there love to do the free fall....ill keep you posted...:)

  6. Heartbreaking images honey!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    1. thanks so much for dropping by and for following...:)


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