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Purely Virgin Island!

I was a bit skeptical on the thought that there is a virgin island. With the modern world we live, I was thinking every island is already commercialized, not to mention that this island is promoted by the Province of Bohol.

As we came near the island, we need to follow a certain sea-trail because the water is too shallow. The boatman is afraid the canoe might hit the chorals, a rock, or it may get stuck in the sand. We also have to pretend we are students going for a research because the island's care-taker says that they no longer allow tourist due to garbage issues. I am now sure if that is still the case though...hehe

This is the port of the island. It is actually a, right?
When we arrive at the island, vendors from the nearby island welcomed us with their banana-que and coconut juice. They have to transport their products from their homes to this island. They also sell the sea urchins for P20, because it is causing a sort of pest in the island. So, you need to be careful with your steps. You might step on one. Check out why it's called Virgin Island.

There is a spider on the biggest mangrove in the island. We were confused how he got  there. It actually  made me research about it, and found out that some insect can actually walk on water...strange, right?...hehe

Whenever I see this photo, it makes me sing. Finding love in a hopeless place. I know it's not hopeless but this beauty standing still alone in this place, extraordinary!

These are tiny little islets that is connected to the main island through a sand  path. This extension made the island look like a boomerang.  Be careful on the sea urchins though...hehe

These fellas are the culprit...hehe

You can explore or walk the entire island in less than 15 minutes. That is how small it is. So, we did explore the island and have fun talking, taking photos, and just have fun with everything we see as we walk along....hehe

Meet the invaders.

Poor starfish. This people might have been starving...tsk. tsk.

Now it's crying...hehe

We are hoping the mangroves can actually hid us from the camera....hehe

Our journey towards the strange islet.

I'm bleeding in love with v.island. I don't have a clue what this is up until now. I also want to leave it that way- a mystery. I was a bit scared the first time I saw this...hehe

Someone is checking out his Google Map. Searching where on earth we are. I bet he is not successful...hehehe
Photos by: Bill Ablong

We made sure we left nothing but footprints. We took nothing but photos, and we kill nothing but time. We should promote island preservation such as this for our future. This island is certainly an epitome of beauty. Nature at it's best, i must say...xoxo!

Next stop: Yum yum yum!


  1. Wow, very nice photos! It looks like Paradise!
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  3. thanks...ill check into that...:)

  4. gusto ko yung ganyang beach mababaw lang ang tubig kasi hindi ako marunong lumangoy...hahaha.galing mo naman kumuha ng pictures

    1. thanks a bunch for the visit melvin....this is by far the most gorgeous island i have been....:)


  5. Breathtaking place, ganda ng kuha nyo! Ano nga ba yung red? Naisip ko tuloy siguro isa sa inyo may dalaw haha, joke.


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