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The look of the island from a far.

We took a motorized native canoe (bangka) to reach this place after the dolphin chase to fill our empty stomach, and I'm sorry that I have to rate this island, and I'll give it a 5 for the these reasons:

1. The only thing you can do when you arrive is to snorkel, and guess what?, their public snorkeling area is so alreeeaaady exploited!!! It is not well taken cared of. The sanctuary- which was on the right side of the island was so over-the-top-reserved that they do not allow anyone to take a peek at it. They have sea-police! Yes, I appreciate the cause, but we travel all the way here and get nothing but exploited view. My point is, set sanctuary rules, set fees, whatever it takes to protect it because that is what we came here for. I am sure tourist won't mind handing out a few penny just to try what the island has to offer, right?...:] Other than the steep cliff at the edge of the snorkeling area that made my heart jolt for fear of heights- but under water. I don't know if that exist though...hehehe the snorkeling part was not that memorable.

Arrived at the island.

2. The person that we ask about the Turtle Point in the island was not very thrilled to answer our question. He says "the turtles does not show often" and then walk away with disinterest. I was like, seriously?

Nonetheless, we still saw the brighter side. Here is what we got...hehehe

Hey! I got patrick with me.

Don't freak out guys, I released the poor starfish after getting this picture...hehe

Jumpers we are so not...wiiih!

Getting the summer tan after snorkeling...not bad eh?!

Clear blue sky.
3. Before arriving the island, you can see for a far the tower. We asked if we can hike and then climbed it, but very disappointed to hear that they closed it because some tourist have vandalized the tower- tsk tsk tsk. Unfortunate us, I guess. Aside from our friend Will who took the courage to see the tower even with the notice....hehe

Starting line.

He got this far!..hehe

They didn't come with us for the snorkeling. They took a tour on the entire island instead...looks like they had fun too.

I later known that there is a dive resort in the island as well. It is kind of private and they have a different port on the other side of the island. This island is also a diving area. We didn't even know that- exactly my point. I guess the tour guide is the culprit here...hehehe Anyway, let's move on coz we are still on for the best place ever!!! There is no time for a bad mood here, right?...xoxo

For Balicasag Island, this is what I got....hehe

Next stop: The best ever!!!

Photos by : Bill Ablong


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