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The chase!

After watching the documentary movie The Cove, I was thinking why would they do such a thing to a defenseless and wonderful creature. I also though they might all be captured, and that I need to at least see one, silly me!!! So as I check into the packages, my first choice is the Danao Extreme Adventure, but as I browse through the packages, I saw the Dolphin Watching, the movie flashed back and I knew my heart belonged to it. Since we are in Bohol for the ICON, might as well grab the opportunity to see them first hand.....:]

Waking up at 4:00 AM is not such a bad idea after seeing this uh-mazing amazing sunrise from Alona Beach Resort!!!.


The same crew going for a dolphin watching!...We are so break of dawn-ers...hehehe
And so we sail..and sail....and sail...

We waited for them to show up like for two hours! We are feeling very sleepy. Others might have actually slept through the ride...:P
It took patience before seeing these:

I couldn't stop from saying WOW!!!. I'm being a kid again....hehe

Having said that, the sacrifice paid off. They are wonderful. It's just that, it was not a dolphin watching, it was  a dolphin chasing!! so go figure how we got this shot. We need to actually be silent on some moments of the trip so that they will show up. Chase them again so that we can take a closer look, and then they are gone again. Wait and then chase again. It was exhausting but at the same time exciting. They are actually wild dolphins, they do not recognize the fishermen who take tourist for the watch. They just pass by every morning anywhere on that part of the sea, and so as to enjoy the ride, we need to be taken off for a chase, which made the trip challenging and exciting. Not the way I expected, but I must say, those under water creatures took my heart away...:]

Happy campers we are!...hehe

This chase taught me a lot of things, perseverance, patience, and love- for the wild life that is. I also though I was not there merely for the chase, I was there for a purpose. I was there to see them so that I can help protect them in my own simple ways. They should be protected, and that we humans have all the means to do so. I mean, they have the right to live and enjoy their home- we should protect the sea! We can do it!...There is a campaign to help protect them on this website (here). I'm thinking, we should be aware, right?..xoxo!

Next stop..guess where?..hehe
Photos by: Bill Ablong.


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