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ProCon 2012: Be grateful, Celebrate, and Proclaim

It is this time of the year where we are to spread amongst other SFC member the feel of the Regional Conference (ReCon). This year's theme is in line with the ReCon that we had at Siquijor that I have posted (here) which was Blessed. Thus, we held the yearly overnight event- the Provincial Conference or we call it ProCon at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. This year's ProCon was decided to have the theme: Be Grateful, Celebrate (the abundance), and Proclaim.

Conferences like this is a great avenue for all Singles for Christ members here in Negros Oriental to gather and experience as one the grace of God's love.


The whole SFC Dumaguete Chapter

There are two talks given by our fellow SFC brothers who were previously on mission. The first talk is about being grateful for the abundance of life. The talk's goal is about recognizing all our blessings, give thanks, celebrate the blessing, and pass it forward. That at the end of the talk, you'd be claiming that "I am blessed!" It is being said and I believe that God is a giving God, and that He never forsake His people.

One of our sister sharing about her bitter outlook in life was changed with the help of God's grace.

The second talk is all about proclaiming, serving, or we can call it evangilization. We are to realize that there is no more rewarding than that being able to serve and evangelize. There are 3 S that we need to take note as an SFC. One is Submission. At one point in our lives we need to learn by heart the beauty of submission or we can call it humility. Second is the Service that we are to take to encourage everyone to experience Jesus in their hearts too. The last one is the Sacrifice. Sacrifice is every servant's tool to succeed. No servant is successful if there is no sacrifice at par with service. Our goal is to keep the community intact and invite more single man and woman to experience Christ.

Last October 21, 2012 was the canonization of Pedro Calungsod. Kuya Bryan also urge us to live our lives like Pedro using the FLAG method. F for Faith, L for Loyal, A for Atuned to the Lord, and G for God-fearing.

The conference isn't just about talks too. It is also important that we enjoy the each others company, right? We have singing contest for both solo and group, band prensentation, and modern dance competition to keep us all awake and energized, and hey! we also made sure there is enough coffee supply the entire evening. Otherwise, we may fall asleep while we are asked to close our eyes for a little peace and prayer...:)

The three contestant for the singing contest above is unknown...haha This is our bet Joeny, but we lose anyway...but that's okay. Just for fun!

We sang as a group too. We didn't win too...:(

What's with the outfit?..hehe kidding! They won anyway...:P

We have band presentations too.

Modern Dance competition. They are the winners.

And we are the losers....boooh!

This is for the Praise and Fashion (Shirt Competition). I realized we didn't win any except for this one! Haha...but we had fun rooting for our contestants! That is what really matters anyway.

Activities like these are indeed helpful for me to keep that inner fire burning. Me serving the Music Ministry has been rewarding. I can really feel the greatness of God in my life. How he blessed me with so much, and I know that I am called to serve in any way I can.

The entire orchestra- oh band! The SFC Dumaguete Music Ministry.

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus...underneath his beard so snowy whittttteeeee!...practicing but we ended up getting everything off and flat...hahaha

Yeah! Goofing out.

Supportive, are we not?
The praise fest was memorable for me being able to sing with all my strength for the worship. Truly rewarding.

This is us behind the curtains....we are so camera shy...lols!

Our ever loving and supportive Tito's and Tita's.

This is our prize!...Lots of candies and the like...:)

Breakfast together at the Beach Front Bistro, Bayawan.
Since we have so much candies and cookies left, we found these fellas playing along the street while our food is still on the pan. We decided to share our prizes to them. We can't eat it all out anyway so might as well share it, plus candies are for kids!

I have been searching for so long for something that no one has ever fill until I found Him in this community. I also feel like I need them more than they need me. I realized that I have been searching so far when all I need is Jesus. I'm so glad He found me as well. Go find Him too.

I almost forgot that it's Halloween. Happy Halloween and Enjoy the long weekend blogoholics!....xoxo!


  1. Nice post. You choose to share God even it's Halloween today. Thank you for sharing :) GBU

    1. yeah! naka limutan ko rin kasi ung date...hihi

  2. im not competing with Jesus when it comes to your travel and lakwatsa. glad that you're with this group of people.

    next time, you work out with the costumes okay.

    1. i know indai....:) lab u always...:)

  3. You had a really worthwhile night! I share the same belief that God is a giving God! Happy Halloween sis!

  4. Great post :)

  5. Looks like you had so much fun...

  6. So so happy to see the joyful, enlightened and highly-spirited faces! Keep it up!!

  7. Naalala ko dati KFC at YFC ako. Sayang di ko tinuloy. Salamat sa pag-share.

    * Pareng Jay was here

    1. wow...mag cross over ka na pareng jay...:)

  8. I love to see that you had so much fun :). I wish all religious groups were like that :3
    Thank you for visiting my blog ^^
    x, Lara

  9. Nice post and beautiful photos.

  10. Todo outfit yung nanalo sa singing contest. Sineryoso talaga nila. :-)

    OK lang yan kung matalo sa mga contest. Parte talaga yan ng buhay. At least pala nanalo kayo kahit sa isang bahagi lang ng contests.

    Ang mahalaga ay nag-enjoy kayo.

    Mas maganda sana kung nagtira kayo ng kendi para sa akin. Ibinigay n'yo lahat sa mga bata eh.

    1. kaya nga...choks lang sir sa susunod tirhan kita nang candy sir...:)

    2. Sir ka d'yan. :-P

      Parang nasa-ROTC lang ah.

  11. i bet being on such event make you feel closer to god

  12. what a wonderful event. ANd i am so happy for all of you out there. It is so touching to see the youth serving GOd. I miss that atmosphere!
    Have a nice week end!

  13. This looks like it would have been a very fun and inspirational event. Great post!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  14. Looks like such an amazing time!
    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog--I really hope that we can keep in touch!!
    AND PS, please don't forget to enter my 1500 follower GIVEAWAY here! :)
    A's Fashion Files
    Shop Kawaii Kitsch by A on Etsy!

  15. Very nice event, it must be a very emotional moment :)

  16. ive been on YFC when i was still in our province..pero lumipat na kami sa city kaya di ko na natuloy..ang saya kaya neto..bonding with great people and with God :)

  17. NOW i know my brod and sis want to GO to ANY SFC conferences dahil you can feel the precense of GOD manifested thru the speakers and the the CONFERENCE as a whole. plus the praisefest that keep you want more.over all it was spirited an fun filled spiritual activity.

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