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Teletech Grand Recognition Night 2012 (Part 1)

Teletech for two years now recognizes employees who went beyond that extra mile. They flew in top associates all over Teletech sites across the Philippines to Manila for an all-expense-paid-trip to be recognized and thanked for their hard work and dedication, and I am so glad to be one of those employees.

Yipee! I'm invited!

When I first got the notice to be photographed as the top associate for the month of August 2011, I was shocked. I was thinking I wasn't that good last August. I may be playing humble but that is really what I thought.

It all started with this.

All the more I wasn't expecting to be part of the team who will be flown over to Manila to be nominated for the top 10 employees of the year for 2011. The news came to me 2 weeks and a couple of days before the departure date. I was nervous and excited- I remember. I went crazy over my dress, accessories, my flight details, and everything, and this how it all turned out.

Not very clear. I just used my phone with this shot.
I really love this photo of us.

Waiting for the chauffeur.

The event was held at the Marriott Hotel. Let me share to you some of the photos I took on the venue.

I hope I put justice on the post that I have published about my dress (here). I would also like to extend my thanks to everyone who helped me picked my dress for this event, and for the thoughtful points on what to pair it with.
Arriving at the venue. With the bosses. I realized I'm the only agent here.

With my lovely girls Ate Shey, Janet, Cate, Mara, and me.

With my lovely supervisor!

We were greeted by a grand ballroom, women in their glamorous dresses, men in their tux, a variety of sumptuous food, and unlimited beverages!

Inside the ball room.

I can hear that gulp of ice cold beer.

The best ham and smoked potato salad.

Soup and bread, anyone?

The entire dessert table.

Salads and on that far end is the Sushi table.

This is the best! Not very clear though...;(

Grape, Dragon Fruit, Pineapple, and Melon in a stick.

I am sorry that I need to cut the post in two parts as I’d be flooding this page with photos unfortunately. Watch out for my next post on how the event went and the after party of course. Thank you for keeping up with me and for continuously visiting my loved page. It means a lot to me seeing your comments too. Until the next post…xoxo!



  1. I am so proud of you my friend ;-) i love the dress, the make up, the shoes, and the clutch. you perfectly fit for this perfect award's night. you deserve to be recognized.

  2. wow ang sarap ng food :) nice dress...

  3. Aww tama pala ang hula ni Zaicy na gagamitin mo yung dress sa Teletech recognition.. taray! Congrats! Sarap talaga ng food dyan..

  4. Ang sosyal ng party nyo. Congrats po. At syempre nakakagutom ang post mo. :)

  5. Wow so nice! Congrats <3
    x, Lara

  6. Wow, congratulations! Nakaka-gutom yung pics ng food! :D

  7. Awww congratulations sayo... super cute mo naman sa cute dress mo :)
    More power and more awards to go!

  8. Wow! Congratulation! What a wonderful event. At ang ganda mo dear. Nice to see all the happy faces and the foods...nakakagutom:) Looking forward for more pictures next time:)

  9. You look so lovely sa suot mo! Congrats!

  10. love them all, most your dress! ♥

  11. You look gorgeous! Congrats :)

  12. Mukhang masasarap yung mga food :D

  13. Lovely dress, you look very lovely too! some of my team mates were invited and went there, sana kami din so we got to meet you. oh well maybe next time :) cant wait for part 2! :)

    1. yeah! we'll try again for next year...let's cross our fingers zai...hihi

  14. Congrats sa napakagandang events... ang sarap ng mga foods.... at astig ang mga dress hehehe... bagay na bagay....

    Keep on posting....

  15. It looks like a great time and you looked beautiful. Great blog :).

  16. wow congrats kakaproud! anyways looking gorgeous ha nice nice

  17. Wow! Congrats! Very elegant! Simply stunning!
    Thumbs up din ang food! hehe

  18. Thank you, honey! :)
    You look great, girls :)

  19. soo great party Dear! ♥ thanks for the advice :*

  20. congratulations! such an amazing event :)

  21. wow you look stunning in this dress !!!

  22. Hi girl thanks sa pagbisita sa blog ko, I appreciate it! You have a very nice blog at talagang may Teletech Idop pa ha Astig :)

  23. Hi girl, Im following you back thanks again!

  24. Thank you for visiting my blog:)
    U look so fab with that black elegant dress:)
    I love the foods, oh my god my stomach been rambling since i open ur page!

  25. Congrats sa award. Galing!

    My first time here. Good day! :)

  26. nakita kong may part 2 na kaya balik muna ako dito sa part 1..congrats sau! naalala ko tuloy noong employee pa ko..lagi din akong awardee hehe..pero as always ang sinasabi namen..we need cash! plaque lang kasi natatanggap namen eh...nice look stunning!

    the food looks yummy..naglaway ako hihi..

    part 2 na!

  27. Beautiful dress, you are very elegant :)

  28. Wow, looks great. Have a nice weekend.

  29. Hi:)
    Do you mind sending to my epost your home address?
    just want to send you a greeting from nOrway:)

  30. perfect ang dress... ;) at ang sarap ng food... ngaun na lang ako nakadalaw... hehe!

    bibigyan kita ng trabaho... i want to know what you want for Christmas...
    check this out:


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