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Bye for now, Joen!

Sometime in your life you'll get to know a person who'll make you say "for real?" First glance, you'd be clueless. It actually took a lot of time knowing this person, and every time a puzzle about him is known, you'd be like, "really?", "weh?", "for real?"...He is a bit private, and he might kill me if I'll start telling you guys about him...hehehe So now, he's going overseas for training, some studies, and some research maybe, so we had his thanksgiving and going away party at Sidlakang Negros Village.

The place.
The food. Yum yum!
The celebrant. The men in black...hehe He just won a gigantic shell for making it abroad...haha.
The well-wishers:

He flies Manila and Bacolod like it's just a neighbor away, and he does it almost twice a week!!!- the mere thinking of it is unbelievably stressful, but he says it's fine. He loves his job more than anything maybe....heheh, but mind you, he makes sure he attends to every badminton game, prayer meetings, fellowships, and community gatherings. He rarely sleeps in short..hehehe He never failed a single pasalubong as well..hehe...lucky us...:)

Joeny for Panagbenga Festival.

Joeny on Panglao Island.

Joeny for their very own Dinagsa Festival.

Joney for a nature trip in Kawasan Falls.

Joeny at Manila Ocean Park.

Having fun in Makati.

He shall return to Leyte.
Taking his time at Sumilon Island.
Wrote his name on the sand of Dakak.
Praising at any weather condition at Bantayan Island for the SFC Island Conference.
And a lot more. I'll have his page bombarded if I'll post everything...hehehe This foot is surely going places, and this man certainly knows how to work and play.

Bon Vogage Joen!! will be missed by the WiFi group. Promise well behave.. :D Bring something when you come back...Enjoy the spring, keep safe, and God bless too...xoxo!

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