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I set foot in Panglao Island!

Your Bohol trip would never be complete if you are not to take a side trip to the ever famous Panglao Island. 20 minutes and you're there. The white sand as well as their clear-turned-green-bluish water is enchanting!!! We are blessed to see the sunset and sunrise in Panglao. The view from a far is breathtaking and romantic...hehe I wish I can wrap it all around, and put the whole scenery in my pocket and take it with me wherever I go...(sigh) hehe...but these photos would be enough...:)

I would like you guys to meet my most favorite people in the world....:]
Ready to indulge ourselves to the summer sun!..hehe

Why of course be at Bohol Beach Club!
I'm thinking, I need to walk barefoot to exactly feel the white sand as well as the amazing-ness of the place...hehe
And so it is....:]

I just love the whole experience, I can still vividly remember how I felt while I was there. It's wonderful, but you may asked where we ate. Let me show you....hehe

One of my favorites....yum yum!

We found this affordable resort just right next to Bohol Beach Club called Dumaluan Beach Resort. If you are in Panglao and you are craving for those kinds of food, try Dumaluan. Its grilled-delicious and the price is reasonable!!!.

I have a confession to make, I take shells whenever I left a certain place or resort...umm, I don't want to spend so much on island souvenirs, instead I take shells, and let me tell you , I can remember where each shell came from, it's crazy!..hehe I have a lot of it in my aquarium...strange right?...hehe These are the pieces I got from Panglao...hehe
 We also went to Alona Beach. I think this is located at the other side of Panglao.Take a look.

Now, why I went to Alona? hmm...well lets just say the Panglao side trip is like a tip of the iceberg in the sea. The next couple of post are from my Bohol Escape. I'll keep you hanging for now...haha..TTFN...xoxo!

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