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SFC: Character weekend 101

I have been so busy or let's just say super occupied with what I have been doing for the past few weeks or months. I lost track already- not a good sign...hehe I am so glad I was approved for a leave so I can join the character weekend, because its important for me to check how am I when I talk?, how is my temper when others are not meeting my expectations?, how do I react on certain things?, what really matters to me?, or how am I as a person in general?, and the most important I think for me is Am I still walking in purpose? The SFC family organized an overnight gathering to help single man and woman check what attitude is pleasing to God by simply going back to basic- Character. This was by the way held at Le Toundra Peak. So let me share you some photos of the place.

Sunrise moments are the just the best! It is worth the alarm...hehe

We have a 6 different talks, everything relates to another. I will try my best to make it short and simple..hehe. So first, is all about emotions!...hehe It is being said that every one of us is privileged with what we call emotions. It is God-given I must say, but a lot of times undesirable actions are driven out of emotions. Now, the challenge here for us is how to contain it . How we are not to be en-slaved of our emotions per say. As a person it is important or a must to be the master of our emotions. How can we accomplish that? constant prayer for God's grace of  guidance!...:)

We need to define the meaning of character first...hehe

We have facilitators to give out the talks.

We have activities to test our patience and temper.
Let us go deeper into one of our emotions- which by the way is the hardest to tame- Anger. First, anger can bring about hurt, resentment, and worst broken-relationships. tsk tsk...Now, how can we hold on to that anger when are caught off-guard?- hard I know, but attainable!..agree? but how? For me, simply don't react right away. You can count the sheep first..hehe kidding. Count from 1 to 10, now the key here is that while you were counting-slowly take a look at the reasons for such anger. Was the anger derived by my own shortcomings? Is my poise worth compromising? I really bet it's not....hehe It works for me, so you may try it as well. Again, prayer is the key to attain this.

We ate a lot...hehe

Another one is fear. Tito Oliver said that fear is a gift. I was like, really? For fear is the first instinct that you need to consider whenever we are in a situation and we feel like it's not safe. Good point! With that being said, I would like to say that we need to be very careful and mature enough to determine the disadvantages of fear, because it has a lot such as inferiority, it makes us avoid things- cowards, insecure, worst- it makes us settle for less and then have opportunities pass by right on our own noses. How to overcome fear is the biggest challenge for me, but again, achievable! You simply need to trace back or go back to where your fear was derived, what situations you had in the past that brought you that fear and then work it! It is hard, but I believe we are the ones in charge of our own happiness. Again, attainable through prayer...:)

The not so camera shy SFC Dumaguete Chapter.

Teaching of new songs...:)

We took out our tents to make it more fun....we stayed at the resort's reserved rooms though. The boys took the tents...hehe

Now let us praise and worship using our newly learned songs...:)

Those are a mouthful, right?...hehehe For me, it all boils down to humility and prayer. We need to set aside that little pride of ours- I know hard, but again achievable I must say. We also need to look out on other people's feelings- emotions, and happiness. Put your self on other people's shoe- basic. Prayer is the most important as well. We need to look up and pray for graces because I really believe we can't do it all on our own. We all need Him to guide us with every bad and good situation life trows at us. Happiness comes from Him alone...xoxo!


  1. Wow that looks amazing! :)

  2. indeed...thanks for dropping by..:)


  3. it's really hard to contain emotions. we can always commit mistakes to anyone, but as long as there's humility in us, we can always say sincere sorry. and that show's that our conscience is still being guided by God.

    1. Indeed....thanks for that wonderful comment..:)


    2. So the right up and very much appreciated the learning.It is indeed true that emotion same as fear are both gift that comes from GOD,actually everything that we have in ourselves is a gift from GOD as well.Humility,thus,plays a great role in helping us to live a harmonious life with others. However,we need to consider also,"SENSITIVITY" as this makes us more aware of who we are, what are, where we are and what we have.The bible says,"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."-Colosians 3:17. With this in mind we would become very careful on how we ought to live our lives. Also,just like David, he said in Psalms that;"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you" Psalms 119:11. This will allow to keep track as to how we are doing in life. It may be hard,yet achievable as per author(grah) said:)We need lots of prayer, genuine relationship with God and sincere commitment to live for Him. I can do everything through him who gives me strength-Philippians blessed everyone, God loves us!

    3. Thank you so much for the thoughts...i really appreciate all the comments. It surely makes me want to blog a lot more....hehehe...thanks thanks again....the bible verses are inspiring and are sure food for the soul, thanks for dropping by...:)


    4. of course, u r veri much welcome...beautiful write up, deserves a heartfelt comment as well:)God bless!

  4. Thanks much...very appreciated...:)


  5. That place is so beautiful!
    Amazing photos as well!

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