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Nice and Organic

I don't usually do restaurant or food blogging, but I can't resist on this one. After a long day of early summer wanderlust around Bohol's pride. My tummy is complaining already....What I really need then is a sumptuous yet comfort food with a bottle of ice-cold coke...i mean, who doesn't? With the sun and its splendor, I bet everyone would, right? We were brought to this place without me knowing what the restaurant is to offer. I guess I was not doing my homework before going to Bohol....hehe So I though, okay, same stuffs, and so on, but it proved me wrong. I just knew then that this is an all organic restaurant, and they are known for guess what?..FLOWERS!! Yes, like flowers on your salad or part of the main course...strange and cute, right? Let me tour you around the Bohol Bee Farm. I'm sure you'll gonna love this!!!

Meet the starved people...hehe
What makes this restaurant special is that they grow their own spices. I think they make their own furniture because we saw some fellas working on woods that is located near the exit of the land, plus they literally have their own bee farm! They don't have to worry about their supplies. It can be found right on their own backyard...amazing, right? The view of the beach from the restaurant is breathtaking. It is located on a clift! So go imagine the feeling of eating a delicious organic food, wonderful people, feel of fresh air under your nose- not to mention WiFi connection is available as was worth the starve!..hahaha

They have all sorts of flowers too.
They also have by-products which are to die for. They surely have cultivated their land so much that they are able to produce all these amazingly-healthy food.

Their jams are super good too.

They have the best pesto ever!...taste really good.

They are using their dried cassava as their ice cream's cone...yeah for real!!!

They have the mama bee so they would surely have this, right?...hehehe

Get one and pass...:]
This would be good with or without a jam on.
Their organic ice-cream is to die for!...Malunggay (Horse raddish) and buko are the best! My favorite ice cream. I would say.

We have their ice cream at the conference. Sweet way to fight the heat.
The ice-cream models. I hope we can book a cover...haha
This what we ate. The finish product.

The flower comes with the salad, and then you are going to pour the olive oil with honey and mustard for the dressing to make it even more tasteful. A cassava topping on the rice- which I though was butter..hehe, and the baked chicken glazed with honey. Almost everything they serve is glazed with honey delightful!

One day is not enough to tour Bohol. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer to explore the entire province. We were not able to visit the all-time-favorite Chocolate, right? I was not able to accomplish the Danao bungee-jumping ride....awwh!. I would have love to do that. Conquering my fear of heights. But on the ligher side of it, at least I still have the reason to go back to this beyond amazing place. Kudos to the boholanos who are constatly doing a great job in protecting and taking care of their island....xoxo!


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