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Spontaneously at Bambulo.

It's a same-old-same-old badminton Sunday and an ample time is what I have before church. I'm starving after an intense 2 1/2- hour fat burning game with my old folks...hehe "tripping" I call it...haha Somehow, my little tummy monster is craving for a very tasteful lunch. It's Sunday- family and rest days here so only few restaurants open- great!!! My friend kept suggesting and actually talking about Bambulo. Hard to say the word- I know!...hehe So just for the heck of trying and urgency- let's hit it!

This place has also been affected by the typhoon Sendong. I am really happy they are now open for business...:)

It was a very windy day. I must say it is way beyond the usual. We even have a hard time getting into this place. This scene welcomed us. I am just happy nobody is hurt. The gate has been damaged, but nothing serious, so good grief!

First look of the resort, I was like "okay, guys I'm hungry!" I was not hoping to see these:

They have a souvenir's shop which is cool.

The look of the pool is enchanting!..hehe

They have this, because they have a mini golf course.

This is part of their lobby. They have a bar too.

This is part of the mini golf course.

Now this is awesome! They have this at their jacuzzi.

This is their one-of-a-kind jacuzzi. It is like a small cave. The opening that you see on the pool, that will lead you to this uh-mazing jacuzzi. Great idea, right? It's like you are in an amusement park. At least, that is how I feel...(wink!)
Now, let us take a look at what is in store for my ever hungry tummy....hehe

The menu of the week. Yum yum yum!

This is their complementary food...unexpected I must admit..:)

Their vege side dish is delisyoso!

A bucket of chicken nuggets it is!

Avocado shakes are by the way my favorite! I am just so happy they have it here.

After the food is served and photos of them are taken already..lols!, we are happy campers....hehe
After a sumptuous lunch, what to do since I haven't bring any swim wear? Take photos of course...hehe

Their trash bins are so cute and eco-friendly looking....hehe

This is the friend I was talking about earlier. You can visit her blog as well HERE.
A lot of times the places that are not well-know or very hard to memorize names- are the ones that surprises us with food, ambiance, and the best customer service. Maybe because they want to be partly exclusive. The owners wanted to keep the place quite for their own as well, escape the city pollution- don't mention the serenity of the place by the way...hehe and then have the word of mouth do the advertising- with this I must say it's achieved!..xoxo!

P.S. I have this last...hehehe

How would I forget to take a photo of this?....(wink!)


  1. wow! so enticing...dumaguete did amazed me so much! regrets being here...God sets everything beautiful in His time...thanks for another marvelous update:)

  2. It is a very late reply...i have been so busy the past week. Thank you so much for the comments and for visiting the page as well..xx!


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