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Ocean24: A Sendong aftermath

Beneath every bad circumstance comes a blessing in disguise. This goes the same with Ocean24. This hot spring resort came to life after the typhoon Sendong. After the huge flood- I must tell you by the way that this area is the most affected barangay- a piece of land was formed. Right there and then the owner turned the area into a tourist destination...genius!, which is perfectly located at Caidiocan, Valencia. This resort is just a few steps away from a geothermal plant. SFC Dumaguete decided to have a fellowhip- I suggested this resort, and I am utmost happy they considered....:) Let me share some photos.

Going there is an eye-filled experience. You need to take a jeepney by the way if you don't have a motorcycle or car. It would only cost you P20. Before arriving to this resort, you'll get to see the huuuuge rocks that were drifted by the flood. The main river is just so beautiful. You  got to see a sulfur vent along the way- you need to cover your nose, it doesn't smell that good...hehe You also get to see a mini waterfalls. I'll have that all posted on my next blog....:)

The SFC Dumaguete Chapter.
This is how cool the place is. It is like a resort in the middle of a rain forest.

They have a pool for the little ones.
Their pool is actually flowing. The water that comes out of it goes here. These are man-made Tilapia pond.
They have an entrance fee of P30. Their cottages are big enough for the whole family, and they have super cool names. See.

Their rubber chairs are recycled tires which is innovative, creative, and eco-friendly, right?...hehe

Their cottages are named after an expensive brand. This one is Gucci.

So enough of those. Let us see how we spell F-U-N!

Oh my! They have a lot of working out to do...haha over ready!

This I think is the 4th attempt to get a jump shot. My nose are complaining already!...We actually gave up...hehe

This resort is somehow a representation of hope. It made me think that there is still goodness in every bad happening, and that there is a purpose for everything. When all seems to be impossible, the only thing you can hold on is hope. Thinking positive that is!...xoxo!

Photo of the day:

Thanks so much to my photographer, Joeny...:)


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  2. great post! love water, love the sea, love the sun! looks like you all have a great time....

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