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August rush!

Time flies and it's August already. This month is for me so special and outrageously busy. My entire month's weekends are fully booked!! That is why I can't nod to every getaway plan and other extra task. Not to mention my "daughter-errands"...(sigh!) I don't wanna talk about it. It stresses the whole lot of me. So I'm talking so much....hehe I guess my point is I just wanna ask how are you guys? So what really will I be doing for this entire month?...hmmm Let's see.

I have been hooked with the TV lately. I am a big fan of the Olympics. The history of The Olympic Flame (The light of spirit, knowledge, and life.) gives me goossies...hehe
I have Maroon 5's Payphone on my play list, and I have been listening to it over and over again!! Oh my I think I need to stop it. It's just so addicting...:)

My post would also be mostly all about the waterfalls that I have been. They are a beauty. That is just one of them.

At the end of the month, I'll be back to the Island of Siquijor for the ReCon (Regional Conference) 2012. I'm super excited to be going back,and I can't wait for another spirit-filled getaway.


It's also my birth month. I'm excited to post my celebration here....hooray! I'm always excited of me having a reason to celebrate, but the though of getting old is still unsolicited....hehe Anyhow, I'm still thankful I reached this far...hehe

It would be a month long celebration of life and love for me this August. I hope your August goes well too...xoxo!

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