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The road

As I have promised on my past post about the road to Ocean24, I'm going to blog about it now...:) As I was passing through this sites, I'm thinking and feeling a lot of things on each different location.

As I was passing through the river, part of me mourned. The water made the river so wide. This means, mostly all the houses near the riverbank were all taken by the flood.

On the lighter side of the road trip, a portion of me was astonished by the waterfalls that we have encountered along the way. They are just so many that the thought of where do all of these water came from and that the land is like a basin came in. I really prayed we won't get full though- if we are like basins that is, because if that happens it would be another disaster.

I'm so relieved to see that they have channelize the river to stop the water from getting into the land the next time this happens.

This is 95% done. A couple of paints would make it perfect!

The beyond stinky sulfur smell is a very good representation of an Earth Science subject..hehe It's funny how you to try to relate the smell of the rock to a volcanic activity, rock formations of the entire area, and then add to your thoughts the geothermal plant's positive effect to balance the heat and chemical composition of the earth. That is a lot!  I know!...hehe It just kept me thinking...hehe

The smell is just to much!

It was nearly raining and the cold wind is too over-bearing, so we ended the trip with a quick water dip at Ocean24 once again. The hot spring balanced the cold weather so well. It's just perfect that you wouldn't want to get out of the pool..hehe

So thank you guys for sticking on my page. It matters to me more than anything...xoxo!

For my photo of the day....drum rolls...hehe

I really laugh my heart out on this photo. For the record, I took this photo... haha This is by the way our extra-talented photographer-friend. You can visit his photo blog (here).


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