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Eavesdropping Sunday

Sitting in a cafe and thinking what to post, what to do next, what to eat, who to text for a company, or rather waiting for someone, where to chill on another laid back Sunday- I love Sundays by the way, but sometimes it tires me big time too!!! ...hehe However, what really interest me in moments such as this are what people talks about- eavesdropping!!...I know! Hahaha It's just so funny how you can relate to them at times, and how you wish you could just butt-in and join the conversation- I'm just talkative maybe....:)

This made us laugh our hearts out! I'd like you guys to guess if I put a TIP...hahaha This is at The Bean Connection.

Let me share some photos that I took on my eavesdropping activity. I can't help but laugh at it as well.

The lady is actually summing up the sales she made. I actually overheard that she is a medical representative, and where she lives....imagine!...hahaha Now, the guy is a business man who is so furious about the trip he didn't make. I was about to laugh how he nearly yell on his phone call...hahaha

The guy in lavender is a professor as well as the guy with the white shirt. The three fellows are I think their students. They are mentoring how it is to run a play. They are actually running through scripts about Steve Jobs. They read it with expressions by the way! It was cool!...hahaha Let me say Bravo!!!

This is  my friend who just got his new Galaxy S3. The monster phone, I must say. He is tweaking something on some settings. He wasn't paying attention any way...hehehe

Now, this is the funniest. Let me create the story through the pictures...hahaha Scenario: A group of three young ladies came in, but the cafe is full.

Lady 1: Hey guys I think it's full, and then they saw some drawings on the board.

All: That's cool. Who draw these?

Lady 1: I like this one better. Lady 2: No, this one looks cool!

Lady 1 and 2: We look funny and someone is watching over us. It's embarrassing. THE END...hahaha

I'm just occupying my self guys, and I wast just joking....hehehe I hope this does not invade anybody's privacy....hahaha Anyway, I would like to share that Coffee is my favorite I'm huuuge coffee fan...:) Anything being sold in a coffee shop is for me to die for. Look:

Macaroons of Qyosko.

My favorite Mocha Freeze by Bo's Coffee.

Mc Donald's coffee and hamdesal are a life-saver!!

Cafe Antonio is the spelling of awesomeness!!!

Coffee is getting into my dreams at the Coffee Dream.

Kofficcino's blue berry cake it is.
The last four photos are from my friend Dean. I must tell you that he took food photos wonderfully that you would have cravings by merely looking at it. With the diet I am on, it's the toughest!!!!!

Loneliness nowadays is getting comf'table. Not that I am a loner now, it's just that I am loving the thought of giving my self a treat- with a coffee, pampering with a massage or something relaxing. This is one way of continuously loving my self more more and more....hehehe There is much to do with silence I therefore conclude...xoxo!

PS: At the end of the night, we instead took photos inside the cafe. I hope the students were not disturbed...hahaha

I'm with the boys in town baby!...My photo of the day!....Thanks to Will..:)


  1. i really laugh reading your post indai!

    1. Indeed! It was fun. Well try it next time...:)


  2. Amazing selection. I loved each and every photo!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    1. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you so much for the visit....:)


  3. Hello! I just stumbled onto your blog, and I really like it. :)
    This was such a fun post to read! Hahah, I tell myself I shouldn't eavesdrop when I'm in public places, but it happens anyways, and it's always tons of fun. I totally agree though, sometimes I really want to butt in when they say something I can relate to, but I can't for fear of being a creep! ^^;
    ♥ xixia |

  4. So true...haha..are so girls...haha thanks for the visit...:)


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