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Heya! See how time flies and it's March already. This could mean one thing..summer is just around the corner....yehey!!! I can almost smell the scent of it. Opps!..I can't stop gushing over it!..hehe. Okay, let's proceed. It can be the most awaited season of the year for some chickas out there like me..hehe My get-away destination are all lined-up. I hope I'll get to all of them. It's also this time of the year when hot school chick got to set aside their notes and books and just stop worrying about exams. Some might be graduating this year too, so congratulations you guys...job well done!! However, it is also but important to be ready when the sun is at its best, right? Now these are my list of summer-2012-must-haves. I seriously need to get these on my closet!! I hope we have the same list...hehe

It is but a must to have more than one pair of bikinis, right? This year's motif is about being loud, colorful, and playful. Having said those, you can never go wrong with Ed Hardy bikini. I wish I can have that this year. Just a tip, bring not just one piece when you have a summer-get-away. It is better to be prepared..hehe
It is also important to have those over-sized yet colorful towels when you are in a beach. Sometimes, you just wanna lay down and get a tan with those tiny waves just a few feet away. With these on your pack, you have higher chances of enjoying the sun..hehe I got this from this site.
You also need a cover-up. Your goal is to enjoy the sun and be a chick at the same time, right? This is by the way a Sunkissed dress. I really love that brand. Their cover-ups and dresses are just so fit for summer, and the best thing about it, they are all reasonably affordable. You can find Sunkissed clothing in any Robinson's mall. I already have this in hot pink color, so one check..hehe
This is also a mustttt! You can't go out of the sun without this. The higher the SPF the better! You need to generously apply all skin moisturizers before facing the sun. You wish to have a tan not a burn. I have this photo taken from here, but you can visit your nearest supermarkets or Watsons for a sunscreen. I personally use this brand. It's effective and it's affordable too..hehe
Now why I have this? I have this long hair that I love so much, and I wanted to keep it moisturized like my skin too, so as I can tie it up all day without being guilty...hehe vanity strikes!! Just a tip, apply your preferred hair conditioner before going to the water, this would also prevent your hair from being dry. We surely won't allow the salty water to ruin our crowning glory....hehe
Being said that, you need to have a hair tie. You wouldn't want your hair to block-your-swimming-skills, don't you?
Accesorize summer hats are beyond perfect for a complete-chick-summer-getaway-ensemble. Plus, they are on a huge sale so grab your Accesorize summer item now! I already have that on my closet, so two check!!
These are also from Accesorize. I just think that a bracelet here and a rope necklace there would be awesome for a perfect summer chick look.

If having a bikini is a must, then put this right next to it. I am big sun-glass fan. I mean, who isn't? You need to however make sure the sunglasses you wear compliments the shape of your face. That Coach sunglass is adorable!!!
Having all those stuffs in mind, you need this honey working. You can never go wrong with well-crafted basket bag for summer. The interior of the bag is big enough for your entire outdoor stuff. Plus, you can add your scarf or a ribbon to it and boom! it's gorgeous and fashionable.

Now I'm officially cutting the ribbon and let's begin the summer!!! So be on your toes and prepare for those sparkling white sand...surely you can't afford to refuse Mr. Sun when it comes knocking at your door, right?...xoxo!

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