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District 3: Finding Nemo!

Although we are loving the summer season and the full length of no-school-time-and-all-play moments, we can never deny that a lot of times it's just too hot, and we often wish beach resorts are just a few steps away. Well lucky for me, the Negros Island is surrounded by homey yet fantastic beaches. I have one place in mind whenever I feel like it, and I just wanted to dip my self into the water- Dauin, District 3  Marine Sanctuary.

This resort is just 3 blocks away from the national highway. Not so hard to find because the locals know this place by heart...:)

I have been in this place with different companions countless times already, and I've decided to love this place my entire life...hehe Meet them below..hehe

This one is the cutest. Too bad I need to take the photo for them. The fun-glasses are not enough too..:(
I miss this people so much!!.. This is actually our last team-building . Go Teamus!!!
Team WiFi..hehe
Uhhmmm, I have a confession to make- I am quite addicted to snorkeling and anything underwater fascinates me big time!!!..hehe I am a big fan of diving as well, so yeah it figures, right...hehe

I spent the entire day snorkeling, I remember...sorry, I just can't help it..hehe They have one rule though, never step on the corals!!! 
The water is super deep too. It is actually a perfect place for diving. They offer diving services by the way.  They have in-house PADI-approved divers to help you with the basics...:)
I would like you to check out this video. Feeding is not allowed, but we feed them anyway...hehehe Wait, we are feeding them a piece of bread, they are not on a low-carb diet, are they?...hahaha

I feel blessed being in this part of the country. Not white sand though but a near perfect sanctuary with a fee of just P50!!!, not to mention the beyond accommodating care taker- lolo, and a never ending taste of summer the whole year round is a better deal...xoxo!  

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