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Another day or two in Manila...

So back to my Manila Trip as a continuation of this post. We stayed at the Manila Hostel Bay- a fine place I must say. Their comfort rooms are clean, their rooms are air conditioned, it's safe, affordable, and the most important is the location of which is right in heart of Manila. Unfortunately, I don't have a personal photo of the place, you may check it out on their website here. Locating this place though is tricky, so a simple advice, use your GPS and ask a bit. Now, being in this place made us near to the Luneta Park. I originally wish to jog in the place very early in the morning, but waking up so early is a huuuuuge challenge and I opt to just doze off instead. I walked to the park right after the conference let's see how it went.

Very patriotic!
Right after the conference, I don't want to waste my time sleeping at the hostel and wait for the time, I asked Ate Cath to come and join me. I wanted to see first hand the most famous Luneta Park. I wanted to see how it feels or what people usually do. I know all parks are the same, but I sometimes just want to sit, walk a bit, and observe people especially if I am not in my own hometown. It helps you understand people better. It fascinates me.

We got stuck in the middle of the traffic. Might as well take photos...:)

Visiting the Ocean Park came across my mind after strolling the Luneta Park, but I have a limited time, and we still need to look for some place to eat. I also want to try riding LTR more than I wanted to see the jelly fish...haha So I woke the boys up and urge them to get ready for BGC (Bonifacio Global City). I love this place the first time I've been here and I wanted to experience it at night, but we need to feed our hungry stomach first. We went to Market Market- which by the way was not the best idea. The place is jam-packed. Every restaurant is dead full!

We dined at Kamay Kainan at Market Market, Taguig. Their food are actually a so-so. A typical buffet restaurant. But hey, do we have a choice here? We tried to taste every a bit of everything they serve. It was okay- just enough to feed you so to say. Nothing special or whatsoever. Panawid Gutom!
It was a never ending walk that almost got me giving up. Remember how I told you that I am not a big fan of walking; especially they were like running while walking to catch a bus, well it shows. I kept on complaining and asking along the way. We reached BGC after a couple of walk. Whew! I literally rest my toes on that platform.

This place is divine after walking through the streets.
He sang so good, you can't help but share the love!
I was relieved to see available cabs along BGC streets..:) They decided to go to Greenbelt 4. I have no idea where it is, good thing I am confident riding cabs. I just need to know how much is the fair from the my standpoint just to make sure the driver won't deceive us, and what I need to see when I reach the place. Viola! I'm at Greenbelt. The first reaction I have is "expensive". I don't really care that I look like a poor probinsyana girl. I would honestly say I don't know what to expect. So we walk again! around G4 and realized I can't afford even a single item. I tried to have a taste of the Macaroons, but the "bread boutique" I call it; is already closing, so we walk again and decided to look for a place to just sit and take time talking with good friends.

We actually got tired of walking...haha Kidding!
For the last stop, we spent the rest of our time at Starbucks.

Having a cup of tea with honey is a treat after a day of walking! See! I kept repeating it! Well, that is what I kept on remembering though. It is almost midnight, and we need to get back to the Luneta area. Meaning, we need to ride a bus to get back to Manila. I suddenly miss home, and the comfort of having a cup of tea just a few blocks away. But I enjoyed the city lights nevertheless. It excites me somehow. Every building's architecture is artistic too. Till my next post for my Luzon trip. Thank you for the visit and for the comments- I heart you guys!...xoxo!


  1. First of all I want to say na maganda yung shot ng Rizal Monument. Good shot! :-)

    Nagpunta pala kayo ng Global City and Greenbelt. Madalas akong madaan diyan pero hindi ako ginaganahan sa mga lugar na iyan. I hate malls, so to speak. Or baka dahil lagi kong nadadaanan ay naging allergic na ako sa mga lugar naiyan.

    Greenbelt is way too expensive for me. I avoid it like the plague. Sa Glorietta ako namimili minsan.

    It is good that you visited Manila. Too bad lang na hindi tayo nagpang-abot.

  2. The first photo was really good. The rest tells a story. Sometimes, adding lots of them help us understand and know the people behind the entry and the author herself. I am fascinated by Luneta since the last time I visited was around 20 years ago. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i must say gaganda ng shot mo aah!
    nice ako din need ko mga tour sa manila haha kahit kaylapit samin nyan ee di pa ko mxado nakagala dyan haha
    kahit sa luneta nadadaanan ko lang yan eeh,
    di pa ko nakasakay sa kalesa! lakas mka fairytale naman nyan!
    ung sa bus ganyan lage kame sa pag uwi ng dito from manila haha

    nakakatouch namn ung nakantang my kapansanan

  4. Sulit na sulit ang pagbisita mo sa Manila. Daming lakad, hehehehe!

    Hindi ba masarap sa kamay kainan? Mukhang di ka satisfied. :)

  5. This post proves that you really had a blast here in Manila... Sana ako rin 'pag nakadalaw ako jan sa inyo... next time habaan mo yung trip nyo ha...

  6. Huwaw napadpad din pala kayo ng Luneta at sa susyaling lugar ng Bonifacio High Street :))

    Mukhang napagod kayo sa gala, pero I know sulit naman ang visit mo dito sa Manila.

  7. Looks like you had a great time and I love the colorful pictures of the horse and the other means of transportation available there.

  8. Oh wow what can i say ... Hinahanap hanap kita Manila! He he i miss home :(

  9. Akodin kapag sa manila diko feel ang naglalakad, feeling ko ang daling mapagod dun kasi sa hangin.
    Nganga din ang peg ko nung pumunta kami sa BGC, ang mahal ng bilihin was ko carry.

  10. i can see that you had a great time dito sa manila.. ganu'n nga lang, enjoy-enjoy lang talaga.. :)

  11. Looks like you really had a good time in Manila.
    Nice to see your photos with your friends ganundin ang Luneta, BGC at iba pa!

  12. Sa susunod Grah dapat you stay longer spo we can tour you around.
    Isama mo si Phioxee. Kakabitin yung get together naten last time.

    Di pa ako nakapunta jan sa Luneta.. sobrang ayaw ko kasi nag pupunta ng Manila. Manda, QC at Makati lang ako lage..

    Anyways, miss you! Ingats

  13. Ahhh I see my Chemistry Professor Mr. Rhanwil Tubilag here!
    How are you related?

  14. Wow. NAg-enjoy ka nga ta;aga :) Balik ka pa dito ah.. tapos mas marami tayong pupuntahan :D

  15. oh, so you're here pala...looks like you have a great time
    enjoy seeing the pics

  16. not sure why i'm not so keen visiting luneta and bonifacio global city every time i go back home. maybe i might try it next time. thanx :)

  17. I love the horse and carriage! It reminds me of the one in Cinderella

    d a n i e l l e |

  18. Grah, feel na feel ko na ayaw mong maglalakad hehe :)

    Though tiring at least madami dami kang napuntahan on our short stay dito. Sana next time na meet na kita! :)

  19. 2 days at ang dami nyong napuntahan? I've been here for years at hindi man lang ako namamasyal LOL

  20. nihalog ta kang papa rizal dai.

  21. It was a surprise for me to read a blog about their visit in Manila... never ko naisip gumawa ng post tungkol sa lakwatsa ko sa ka-Maynilaan.. and hahaha..sorry to hear that it has been a stress for you to walk in Manila area. Bigla kong narealize na may gad..sanay na sanay pala ako maglakad dahil nga ang tagal ko na din dito sa Manila nakatira... yup.. stress sa bus, stress sa byahe, stress ang daming tao! But then, I still love Manila.. (:

  22. I really want to travel, just get away for some time.



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