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2013 Summer thing!

Summer- my time of year. When the rain stops and my room is getting hotter each time. I always have this fever over summer. I make sure that my summer is always a blast not just for me but for my closest friends as well. I prepare I think 1 year ahead- kidding!, but I really do prepare. I covet things as a matter of fact. Look what I wanted to have on my bag.

1. Shorts- Neon and high waist candy shorts with playful print is my shout out! 

Being one of those people who were brand as "shorts-people" might as well work it with neon as my anthem being the color of the season. I would love to have a very colorful ensemble with my tan on for the summer. The high waist shorts would be a stand out. You can never go wrong with any top.

Images from Google.

How can you not love these shorts?

 2. Bikinis!

But of course bikinis or swim suits are always the main course. I came to love the thought of having a lot of bikinis on my closet. I think I can be flagged for hording but can you blame me if seeing those on my pile makes me happy?

I super love this piece. It's colorful, vibrant, neon, and fun. The print is totally in.

I love number 6.
3. Cat-eye-glasses

I first saw this style on Breaking Dawn part 1 movie used by Bella while she is talking with her mom. Remember that scene? I came across one of this glasses and put it on me. I without a doubt fell in love with it! It really compliments the shape of my face. The thing is my nephew saw it and play with it, so the poor little sun glass was put to rest..:(

I love all of these.

4. White cover up

Since I plan on having a neon summer, I need to compliment the color of my loud inner pieces with a basic color- white. The color white is a comfort with the sun's heat. I love to wear white dresses at the beach by the way. I also find the neon colors popping out behind the white dress sexy and chic.

This is a definition of gorgeousness under the heat. If I have this same dress, I'd be the happiest.

5. Floral corset dress

Summer is shouting floral with the twist of corset. I could literally wear a dress like this throughout the entire day out. It is feminine and chic. I'm already in search for one.

I would like to share that Vanessa Hudgens is one of those stars that I look after when it comes to dressing up. I love her bohemian style. She is a star who can actually wear anything- versatile. Not to mention how she has the best picks for accessories. They actually have the same dress as some sort of a friendship bond. It's cute because they were seen shopping for the same dress together.

6. Grendha thong sandals

I always see these sandals whenever we go the mall, and I really have my eyes on it. The materials of it are although rubber but the look and the style of their sandals are well-crafted and comfortable. It is an all-year-round kind of footwear. My feet really looked sexy on it, but too bad its just to expensive for a rubber thong for me.

I am one of those people who go gaga over summer. God knows how I long to have summer come around. The crisp of the air. The salty-like-taste of the sea. The sound of those small waves rushing through the shore. The feel of the cold water on my skin under the sun. The tan lines that I got after a long afternoon swim. The laughter of the kids playing along the sand. They are like glad tidings to my heart. Summer for me is like Christmas, but with all those covetous items, who says summer is not expensive?..xoxo!

 How about you, what are your summer preparations? 


  1. Kapag summer naaalala ko ang 500 Days of Summer. hihi :P

    Enjoy ur summer this year :)

  2. Naks grah! Ready'ng ready ka na sa summer ah.

  3. Very well done piece on summer and what goes with it. Reminds me of my summer on the beach in San Diego when I was in my 30s. I hope you have a great summer.

  4. All of those shorts are <3 <3 <3 And the white sandals... so cute!
    Wish it was summer already!
    x, Lara

  5. oooohhh... ikaw na ang pumafashion post... go! bet ne bet ko ang cover ups pag summer...

  6. yown ohhhhh!!!! Isuot na yan! wala na bang mas iikli pa sa shorts na mga yun? hahah! :D

  7. Reminds me to buy something for summer too:)

    1. By the way I gave you a Liebers award in my post " nominated again" hope you find time to visit:)

  8. Grendha shoes are awesome! so comfy and they last a really long time. I wear their flat shoes as school shoes. Walalng probelema sa ulan at bahala kasi plastic ang material :D

  9. Can't wait for summer to come! I love the first bikini!

  10. wow summer fashion din ehehehe :) marami nanaman ang mga ganyang peg ngayon summer.

  11. nice.. 'yung models.. hehehe

  12. naku mapasummer oh hindi naman di kayo maihiwalay sa tubig ehh
    haha kayo ni phioxee!
    haha anyways summer na time ng kasexihan diet diet na ko!
    un pang bikini open dapat ang maachieve ko

  13. thx for visiting me, would you like to follow each other? ;)

  14. I love summer as well pero COMPLETELY opposite sa tan. nayahahaha..ang itim ko na at ayaw ko ng umitim. What I love summer was the school break, ice cream (of course), outing and swimming on a local river just around our barangay (effortless! haha ayoko sa beach eh) pero di na ako student eh. :(

    Ako sando ang habol ko this summer at colored shorts! Neon pala theme ngayun taon.. sa babae lang naman yata e.

  15. Summer to me is all about long flowery long dress:) and my orders online is coming lol.
    Nways, i dont wear bikinis wako carry sister hehehe, buti sayo ang seksi at flawless mo:)

  16. I love the white thong sandals so sassy, perfect for summer tlga!

  17. Nice inspiration. Have a great day.

  18. Thank you for this! I' m planning to have quick gateway to the beach this month end..this are all perfect for the summer!

  19. this is such a great post!! ombre distressed shorts and galaxy shorts are the best for summer, and those bikinis are really cute! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

  20. Ooh Girl thingies :)

    Uu nga eh, ramdam ko na din ang summer. Ang inet nah!


  21. Cant wait the summer starts! Love all these items, especially the sunnies!:) Kisses! xo

  22. I can't wait to look for neon bikinis ;-) you're so ready for summer indai.

  23. summer na summer na dito sa blog mo girl! I like all the outfits that you posted; sadly, di nila ko ko like. hehe... enjoy summer Grah! :)

  24. Oh you really put me in a summer mood. :) Love your must-haves very much - so easy-breezy and fun, just perfect for summer. Mine are definitely wedges, dresses, straw hat/fedora and sunglasses. And, well, some sort of light knit because it does get chilly here half of the time. :)

  25. It usually gets quite hot here in the summer, and the ocean is way too far away (sigh) so my summer plans usually involve outdoor time only in the early mornings, and then making the most out of air conditioning during the heat of the day. Once upon a time, I loved to wear short shorts, bikinis, and flirty little sundresses... and then time and old age kicked me in the butt. Those sandals are adorable.

  26. I could see how much this "summer-person" is getting excited to welcome the summer :)
    Hope you'll enjoy the sun.
    And thanks for your visit!

  27. I think meeting you would be great. I sense that your into a summer getaway, and I want to join you, so we could blog about it at the same HOT time.
    BTW, Thanks for stumbling upon my blog and I am sure to be following you.

  28. ahhh can't wait for summer. i love your list especially the corset dress. been meaning to get one for myself. :)

  29. Looks like Xoxo is really prepared for summer. ;-)

    What preparation did I make for summer? NOTHING. I just go wherever the wind blows.

    If I go to the beach I'll just wear the simple shorts and maybe sando. Nothing fancy.

  30. Omgsh, why are you doing this to me!? Its still in the 30's where I live but I want to wear all these awesome summery things now <3

    Trendy Teal

  31. Not sure if I just couldn't find it- but where are all those bikinis from?? I looooove number 5 because it has a crisscross back. I live on a lake an spend most of my summer in a swimsuit, crisscross swimsuits are the only ones that don't bother my neck. Love it!

  32. I like the shorts ;)!

    Maybe we can follow each other? Let me know ;)!

  33. Those sunglasses are to die for!

  34. i love the floral trend and different color shorts.

  35. Those corset dresses are so cute!

  36. Women paradise. I love almost everything included!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  37. I love your summer musts! the neon shorts and cat eye sunnies are on my list!
    Chic on the Cheap

  38. I am craving for floral dresses too! They're so cute! Also for maxi dresses, as well as for a wide-brim hat. :) I just followed you. care to follow back?

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