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Morning comes!

I have been out of town this weekend, and now I'm back...hehe I'll be posting the part 2 of my big day celebration last year as promised. I'll post my weekend trip on my next post too...:) So, we are still in La Libertad, and we had so much fun at Lalimar, but their room is bit expensive, so I decided to look for a lodging house, and we found one- thanks to some friends who suggested My Home Lodging house- which is only 200 meters away from Lalimar.

Same people!

This is their room. The rates ranges from P600-P800 only. This room is the biggest which is the P800. It can cater up to 6 to 8 people (sulit!)..hehehe

Tequila baby!
You can use their billiard table, their refrigerator, kitchen, heater, and their car below!..haha.
Goofing around!

This is the hallway. The lodging house is really homey and comf'table..:)

and their car!..haha

We are about to go home when the owner told us about a new place in the area called Sun Villa. They were very kind enough to take us there for free!!!..They are the best lodging house there is..:) So without any hesitation, we went there and check out the place.

This is the place. It's just P250 cottage fee with a free rubberized kayak ride..amazing right?

Super excited perhaps..haha

We have a passenger on board!

We enjoyed the whole Sun Villa detour coz' we are the only ones who were there and they turned on the beat when we got there too...hehe

It was definitely a fun experience. I'm ready to go home!

That was my entire birthday-with-friends-celebration on 2011. The total bill was my entire 15-day payout..hahaha I got broke afterwards but it's worth it! I love them so I'm willing to pay...haha Till my next post!...:)


  1. Lovely blog! You look so happy :-)

    A chic kiss ;-)

  2. ang mura nmn ng room rate :) gusto koo yung parang yacht

  3. hi dear, thanks for droppin by at my blog
    sure I'd love to follow you too.
    I'm your new follower now :)
    You have a great blog!~

  4. Having good times?!
    Keep it up guys!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment
    great post,love the pics
    followed you on GFC and bloglovin
    hope you follow back on both

  6. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun :D
    Thanks for stopping by the other day! Your blog looks gorgeous! Do you wanna follow via GFC and bloglovin?

    xoxo, Joana

  7. ang saya naman ng trip nyo..
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog too :)

  8. ang saya!namiss ko tuloy mag-outing kasama ang tropa hehe..

    by the way i love your profile pic :)

  9. looks like you have a grand time on your b-day and you are extremely generous...
    belated happy b-day and thanks for visiting my blog

  10. Waa ansaya naman jan. At ang sexy mo te. Huuu!


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