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My day at Collonade Party Pool

This year has been a blast for me. I have met a lot of people that have influenced me to go beyond what I can do. To be the best version of my self that is. My family who has been eveeer supportive of everything I do, and to just everything that crosses my mind; my boss and colleagues who pushes me so hard to hit my target and even do more than what I am asked for- a good thing?...hahaha My gorgeous and fabuuulous girl friends who stayed around and be my best cheerios!..:) My boy/guy friends who laugh at my silly jokes..haha I couldn't thank them enough for always being there for me and for bringing out the best in me. I wouldn't be this person I am today without them. With that being said, I took them to the Collonade Party Pool to spend some quality time.

This is the place. I am so glad we were the only ones there. It really made the fun quite private. This place is situated at San Miguel, Bacong- a 20 minutes ride from Dumaguete.
Come in!

We cooked and prepared all the food. The resort is allowing their guest to bring their own food since they do not have a restaurant. They exclusively supply the drinks though.

Vonex and Aicy doing all the tocino sticks...:)Thanks guys!

Ate Bocks and Eddie doing all the frying..haha

All of us did the grill. Talking while cooking...:)

Before everything gets set and before the fish is ready to be served, we have spent a little less of the time to just sit around. We talked, we laugh, and we took photos...that's for sure!

The best gurl friends there is!...I so love them!

The new trainee...Hey! I love those muscles Eddie...haha

The gorgeous!

My best bud.

My favorite Ate.


So just me!

Everything is set! Let's eat! I'm staving!..haha
I don't know what happen to the empty space above. Anyway, going back, it made me happy thinking that my small gathering is not just me and my friends enjoying the day, but they too spent quality time with their own family. I love my friends and so as their lovely kids. Their presence really brought happiness.

Miggy learning how to swim!

Pretty Danny and Mommy Begging..:)

Danny and Miggy working with waters!

Boo-boo and Danny swimming like pros.

After all the food intake and talking, we joined the kids in the pool because its getting so hot. Time to invade.

I forgot to mention that I waited for like an hour for this three boys. The celebration would not be complete without these people. Although some of my invited friends bailed on me on that day, they have valid reasons I think, and they made sure they make it up with me the next check! Everything is perfect!

My favorite people in the world...hahaha


This year is about giving thanks to God who took me back into his arms. I wouldn't be this happy without Jesus in my heart. To people who have made me special and loved. Now, my next move is to pass it forward.

This is me saying, thank you for taking a little of your time to click on my page and scrolling through the post. I truly appreciate it. I need to keep my family celebration all to myself. I would love to share it too, but I just think it's just for me to savor...haha Know your heart's desire and follow your feet..xoxo!

Photo credit to my photo blogger friend, Walter.


  1. Fun photos! Ang kyut ng heart-shape pool! Sarap din ng bbq! ^◡^

    P.S. You may want to visit our blog & we'd love it more if we can follow each other.

    Thanks! ^◡^

  2. great post, your dress is cute!


  3. For me the best part was the! food galore kasi.. tas after kain swimming.. i miss free stress days

    1. yeah..atleast one day lang...tapos diet na naman...hahaha

    2. yun ang stress! diet after kumain.. trip trip lang e

    3. true...but it's worth it anyway...hehehe

  4. kakamiss magswimming..i like your dress gurl :)

  5. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  6. Looks like you had a great day! Sarap magswimming!

  7. Saya ng bonding time! I love ihaw ihaw with family and friends tapos sabay sabay kakain. Saya talaga!

  8. Winner 2! bonding with close friend! time to treasure!

  9. rainy days na pero summer na summer pa din po :D kainggit naman. di bale, malapit na ang sembreak :D hoping we'll have an outing too :D


    1. rainy days na rin dito...kaya hirap mag plan nang getaway...but it'll be over soon...:)

  10. Very interesting place! It would be perfect for summer!

  11. pede pong magsalita ng Filipino dito? :)

    ang saya naman, kadami nga pektyurs? at wow ha. :)

    salamat po sa inyong pagdalaw sa aking pahina. iniadd pop kita :)

    gandang araw po

    1. uu naman...pwedeng pwede mag tagalog...hahaha...salamat tambay....:)

  12. Hi dear! I am so blessed to be followed by you and I am now following you back. And napakaganda naman ng samahan nyo dyan at ang foods, nakakamiss ang Pinas.
    Anyway you have a lovely family and friends.
    Take care and Im looking forward to know you more. Bless you!


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