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Siquijor Island: 2nd Shore Visit

This is my second visit in the Island of Siquijor. I hope it won't be the last though....:) During SFC conferences I  make sure I have applied for an extra day off because I knew we would be going out and explore the area wherever we are. We are supposed to to tour the entire island- you can do this in 4 hours by the way. A relatively small island it is, but we are a little bit tired and the weather is not on my side sadly. It changes from being hot to being misty because it has been drizzling the entire day, no the weather has been like it the entire conference! So we opt to just go to a resort and eat a good food. We hired a Pedicab for P1000- a bit expensive I know so don't mention...hehe We reached Coco Grove- one of the expensive and exclusive resort in the island. Let me share some of the sites I have photographed before going to Coco Grove.

This is their port. It was drizzling when I took this shot. Not very clear...:(

This is their old bell tower in Siquijor, Siquijor.

The old church in San Juan, Siquijor.
This is us. I must tell you though that I am the only girl in our group on this trip, so I ready my self to get picked on!

Alrighty, let us go and check out Coco Grove.

They have an entrance fee of P200 which is consumable too.

This is their waiting area. A couple of chairs and tables right beside the hallway. Very elegant and serene too.

This folks might want to stretch out a bit eh?...haha
The Coco Villa.

This is just one of their comfty Villas for their guest.
The pool.

Relaxing a bit. The serenity of the place is what really draw guest into this resort.
They have this little game in the resort. It kinda look cool. I should have tried to take those kiddos down...haha
Yes, that's right! Their cocktail area is a stone house.

The restaurant.
We are all excited to go to swim but the resort's personnel did not allow us to go down the beach because the area has been surrounded by sea urchins! We are like okay let's go to the pool. Then, they again told us we cannot take advantage of the pool because we need to check-in. So plan B, we went to the receptionist and try to persuade her to let us use the pool because it was not our fault that the beach area is not available, right?..hehe She was firm enough not to let us use the pool. So plan C- check-in to one of their Villas. The problem is, they will only allow 4 person to use the pool since the Villa is only good for 4. We are like seriously?!! So, we decided to just leave and take our money back because we are a group of eight and we believe in the saying, "all for one, one for all"...hehehe Their receptionist is beyond kind and understanding by the way, so she allowed it..hahaha We hop into Dondeezco.

We were the only ones there, so we took advantage of their slide, and act like kids....hahaha

We found this very wide white sand and we though it would very nice to take some photographs. I think it went well....haha

We got another major problem!! When we got to Dondeezco, and found out that the Chef is not available and that there is no food or anything that we can eat. Just our luck, right? We were starving, really starving, and it's way past 6:00 PM already. We headed back to the main town to get our tummy get filled. We dined at Swiss Stars. The driver says this is their best let's try it. We are no longer in the position to look for another place, I need to eat ASAP!...hehe We do not have photos of the foods we ordered. All I know is that we were billed more than P1000 so it might have been a lot..hahaha However, I am glad to not have photos, because I would be mortified with how I look when starved...haha All we can think of is food...goodness! Anyhow, their food is pretty expensive but over all it was okay. I believe all food is delicious when you are starving, right?!

The whole witchcraft fear thingy is already way past beyond my shoulders now. No more anxiety or stress. A whole lot different than my first Siquijor post (here). This time its all about praising and having a whole lot of fun with people who you can fully relate and care about. Since this island is just a fast craft away, I'd love to be back and tour the entire area next time. There is sure a lot to love about Siquijor...xoxo!

Only in the Philippines:

This island doesn't have a literal gasoline station. They sell gasoline in a 1 Liter Coke bottle. If you need gasoline along the way, you'll be amazed that the locals have it outside of their houses. It's like the best business in the island. But it's quite expensive as they need to buy this product from either Cebu or Dumaguete...but really my first only in the Philippines photo...:)


  1. Oh, hi there fellow beachanatic :)

    Your post made me miss Siquijor. I was there last summer and hope to be there again soon. I did a day tour. Next time I'd love to be able to stay there for a night or two.

  2. I'd like to go to Philippines for my honeymoon next year but I'm afraid of the weather in August...what do u think?

    1. I think August would be a little cloudy but it would still be perfect...:)


  3. wow, ang sexy mo naman. buti na lang you were surrounded by boys to protect you:)
    The place is nice, but ang daming wala. so this will not be a place for me pag kasama ko family ko:)BUt anyway, thanks for sharing the pictures. At least, nakita ko na lugar.By the way, very funny naman ang gasolina in coke bottles. In the philippines, everything is possible. hi hi

    1. thanks....:) may visit some other island...:)

  4. gasoline in coke bottles...indeed, onli in da Pilipins!! hehe...

    medyo mahirap pala kausapin staff ng resort, pero buti naman at pumayag din sa huli, at least na-enjoy nyo yun place. anyway, thank you for visiting my site, hope to see you again. thanks..thanks!! :))

  5. girl bet ko yung figure na nakaupo astig.. nwei di ba nkakatakot dyan?

    1. hehe...thanks...hindi naman...nakakatakot lang ung urchins...ang dami...:P

  6. Super sexy naman kering keri mag 2 piece! inggit ako! hehehe!

  7. love the group ;-) hope we'll get to this place together. ;-)

    just me,

  8. Wow, Siquijor looks lovely. And the resort as well, perfect for unwinding :) You're super sexy in your swimsuit! :))

  9. wow super ganda naman ng Siquijor!

    thanks po pala for visiting my blog :)

  10. I've never been to Siquijor!
    The place is so lovely and peaceful!
    Great shots too!

  11. Hello there! Dumaan lang at kumaway uli haha! Thanks for dropping at my blog. At super na-appreciate ko rin ang pag-comment mo ;) I hope all is well. God bless!

  12. I'll definitely add this list to my places I want to visit list. hahaha!

    (following you via GFC, feel free to follow back. :P)

  13. ganda nmn peo diba dme katakot na story bout dyan?

    1. di naman...maganda ung island, but you can't to think about it, but the experience is worth it naman...:)

  14. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  15. thanks sa picture... ngayon ko lang nakita ang kagandahan ng Siquijor Island....



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