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A memoir...

A friend of mine named Janette- the team photographer who was my previous team mate uploaded these very old photos of our team 4 years ago- my first team building and tagged me on Facebook. I suddenly thought about blogging about it. Please forgive my look way back then...hahaha Anyway, we all secured a leave for one day- some of them has to time and rest day-swap. I'm not sure if you're familiar of it, but that is one of our perks working in a BPO company. So, we decided to have a very memorable trip in Bayawan City- 101 kilometers South from Dumaguete City. 

The sleepless campers!

We arrived there I think around 12:00 noon. We first checked in at Bliss Pension House. I must say, they have comfortable and very affordable room rates, which you can check on their website. Immediately, we went to their City Hall because one of my team mate says, we can have a free tour. Which was great!

True enough, they took us first to their newly finished Integrated Bus Terminal way back then. This is also where their City Tourism Office is located as well. This is the view from the function hall. Impressively wide.

We got to meet the head of the City Tourism. Mr...ahhh Opps! I forgot his name...haha Anyway, he told us where to go, how to get their but not on what to expect. They have us taken to the very famous The Source.

This is a fresh flowing water from I don't know where it came from, a wide river perhaps.

It was hot, and this place seems like a good place to refresh ourselves.

We left the place around 5:00 PM. We need to go to the market and prepare dinner. It was tiresome, but it was a whole lot of fun!...:)

Some of them went to the boulevard to have a bottle or two of Red Horse. I was too tired to even walk! I have had no sleep for 24 hours already...:P

Morning comes and we need to prepare breakfast again! I have to tell you that Tito Albert- the team mate that I was talking about lives only a block away from the pension house, and since this is a "team-building" might as well cook together, right?...hehe

Hotdogs! Eggs! Fried rice not to forget! Fried dried fish! Coffee! Perfect morning for me!

We all came to the decision to visit Habhaban Cave without knowing what to expect and not knowing what to bring except that Tito Albert told us to bring a zip locks for our gadgets and flashlights. I was thinking lets go and see it for our selves.

So we need to have photos first, right?...hehe

A lot of jumping!

We got to the Barangay Hall of Malabugas to get a guide and to list ourselves before entering the cave for safety purposes- which is good.
Not so patriotic we are!
So there was hiking. Not my favorite subject...:P
This is the view when you reach the opening of the cave.
At last!
We are coming in! Wohoo!
Terrifyingly dark!
This is the entrance of the cave. It was really dark, and you need to swim or at least crawl before entering the cave.

We have no photos inside because it was really dark, some of us bought cheap flashlights and few of us were able to borrow flash lights from the locals in Malabugas. We crawl, we walk, we climb, and we got some bruises just to reach the source of water which is a very beautiful waterfalls! Yes, there is a waterfall inside the cave, there were Tarantulas too and big bats so take extra care and widen your eyes a little bit more before taking a step..(wink!) It was as well being told that this cave has lots of snakes some time ago and that the main source of income of the household near this cave is selling snakes. I was a bit terrified hearing that, but they assured us that there are no longer snakes around because the City Tourism has developed it and took extra care on this beauty. Now, it is considered one of the must-see in Bayawan. You may check into this link for the best photo of the waterfall inside the cave.

Me and my phone made it!
Gotta go!
We had a comforting lunch hosted by one of our team mate Valerie in Sta. Catalina- A municipality before Bayawan.
After previewing the post, I suddenly miss these fellas. This is my first team, my wave mates, and my first closest friends in Teletech. Some of them went back to school, some of them went overseas to chase their dreams. One of them went back to teaching, and I went changing from one team to another blah blah blah. I dunno, I'm talking too much. I just miss them. By the way, I'll be coming back to Bayawan City two weeks from now, so I'm excited to see this warm city...thanks for the visit...till my next post...xoxo!


  1. Scary but exciting. And ur as biba as ever hahahaha

    just me

  2. Scary but exciting. And ur as biba as ever hahahaha

    just me

  3. Nice remembering and thanks for sharing:)

  4. Wow amazing photos, great post :)

  5. Super fun pics to look at! :) I love love the photos gurl! Followed u!

    The Misty Mom

  6. Wow, I'm amazed how you recall so much kahit 4 years ago na ang fun trip :) Always nice to look at pictures of previous trips, brings back a lot of fun memories :)

    1. yeah!...reminisce lang sa mga old team mates...:)

  7. you all sure love to pose are you? haha but seriously that place seems really great

  8. Ang galing u keep the memories kahit 4 yrs ago na. Ang saya ng outing nyo. Maganda yung place :)btw followed ko na blog mo :)

  9. Such a happy and interesting group! Looks like you guys are all having fun! Keep it up!

  10. Ang saya talaga pag nagkakasama sama sa lakwatsa! Bigla ko din tuloy na miss ang aking mga travel buddies. hehe!

  11. nice post, i wish i had photos of my previous trips... too bad i lost all of my photographs and memories, lol!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  12. one thing i've notice is nagenjoy tlga kayo .. i like to try yung sa cave!

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