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Siquijor bit me!

Story first...lols! I grew up hearing witchcraft stories like my entire life or existence, and it always relates to one island in particular..Siquijor!!! So imagine my anxiousness and well stress before arriving the port...hehe A lot of things are running through my head, like don't do this and that, never talk to strangers, check your food before eating, and so on...My parents never approve of me going there, but I still went anyway...hehe

Meet the pack behind the adventure...hehe

This is so much fun!

We were invited by our two friends- the two guys at the back wearing white shirt both of them for their town fiesta. This could mean one thing- much much food and free stay!!!..great isn't it?..hehe So two days passed and I wasn't harmed or anything close to that. I'm actually beginning to love the place. The people are accommodating too. Far from what I am hearing...hehe

Before you reach this place, you got to pass by their forest. It was worth the stiff neck...lols. It is beautiful really it is...hehe. So, imagine my jaw dropped when I saw this...I can't believe I'm actually in a cove!!! The view just blew me away. This is by the way Salagdoong Beach

We also went to their different towns. It was an island of rich culture and uh-mazing beaches. 

After the adventure, I must say Siquijor is memorable...You actually need to go to the place in order to see what it has to offer. I'm glad I passed by the island. It makes me wanna go all over again...hehe..xoxo!

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