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Something special on Valentines Day

Everyday we are all facing certain calamities in our own lives in different circumstances. Others might be due to financial constraints, some may be due to family feuds, while others might be undergoing medical treatments-  battling for their lives. GK3 or the Gawad Kalinga 3 community is but no exception. This community is one of those communities that were affected by the recent typhoon Sendong.

Their houses were destroyed by the raging flood that leaves them building a tent in order to have a place to stay.

SFC Dumaguete decided to spend this year's Valentines Day to share love in this community...:)

Blood Pressure check...:)
We got to eat with the kids too!

Of course we got to play with them too. I can't take away the inner child in me...hehe
Photos by: Joeny Bermejo

I have been so blessed with family, friends, but not financially though...hehe I am constantly receiving love..(wink)...hehe I just feel that I need to pass it forward. This blog isn't just about me going places and plainly having fun, this is also about me actually doing something unconditional....xoxo!


  1. you're such a beautiful woman in and out, dai grah. keep the same disposition

  2. such a nice way to spend ur valentines day sharing your love to others, dai grah..keep it up!;)

  3. You are truly amazing! It breaks my heart whenever I think how I'm not any help to them esp. when I'm so far away now but people like you gives me hope that the love is indeed still getting pass around without anything in return so thank you and thanks for sharing <3


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