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Mabinay Spring

One of things I love most of where I am at, not just the location but from where I stand as of this point of my life are the people I am with. Wherever I look, I can always find someone to come and take a trip with me. I am surrounded with people who are very much willing to take that extra mile with me and pose at every shot I took for this blog. Supportive I guess? Well lucky me to have someone share the joy I feel whenever I am and enthusiastically replies to every "wow" and "nice" word I have when words aren't enough how amaze I am. Not to say much, I would like to share my Mabinay Spring escape with my best outgoing people there is.

One of the most visited spot in Mabinay not just the tourist as well as the locals is the Mabinay Spring. It is a natural spring located in the heart of the municipality. When the people of Mabinay feels like going some place cold and fun, this is the place to be. In other words, this is a household spot; considering Mabinay has less access to a beach.

There is no entrance fee by the way. Free!

When you get into the entrance, you will be greeted by tall trees that would give you the feeling of a rain forest. This beauty is hidden behind the woods like a mystery yet to be discovered.

One of the recreation, must-try, and old time favorite is the kayaking for P50 for one hour.

Getting ready for the race. Go Phioxee!

I must tell you that this place has been developed by the municipality. They install a zip line at a very low rate. They also put up villas where you can stay overnight as well as function rooms for events. Let us then check it out.

The zip line ride would only cost you P100. This has just been installed late 2012.

This is Phioxee's first zip line. She was freaking out.

We need to go on tandem because she is freaking out like really freaking out.
I was screaming when we were held up in the air, and I told her to just enjoy the ride. She had fun I guess, so it worked. Just when everyone is tired and starving, we decided to go, but I met the person in charge so we have a few talk before we left the place. He showed us around.

The newly constructed villas that are good for P700 good for 5 PAX maximum per day. (*Note: Rates may subject to change without prior notice)

The function hall. Not yet in full operation but they are hoping this would be open early this year. They don't have a catering services as well- which he says would come along, so they are allowing outside caterer. Not bad.

Bye for now Mabinay Spring. Till next time.

We suggested the staff to put up a small convenience store inside. They don't have a food corner inside so you need to go out and buy your food. He says, they are looking into it. This has just been fully constructed early this year, and he says it is not yet done. So I am excited for this resort in the coming years. I would be one of those people who will be watching out for this resort to be in full operation. Kudos to Mabinay for doing such a great job!...xoxo!


The Crystal Cave

I have always been fascinated with caves, and being in this part of the Philippines gives me the privilege to always seeing one if circumstances permits. Being close to Mabinay- considered the Cave Capital of the Philippines having more than 400 caves situated in the whole area of the municipality; is really great. 50 of this caves have already been developed and are indeed open to everyone who wishes to have a one of a kind caving experience FYI. I am so proud to be able to see for my self one of the famous and marked "easy" cave- The Crystal Cave.

 Mabinay is by the way located in the central part of the Negros Island. It is 87 Kilometers northwest away from the capital Dumaguete City. So 2 hours and 30 minutes ride perhaps.

When you reach this signage, you sure would know that you are in for an adventure. All you need to do is to register listen to the orientation, and then hike for like 10 to 15 minutes, so let's go.

The registration and orientation area. They have a fee of P15 pesos fee for each cave a P300 peso fee for the guide. Not bad.

The hiking starts now:

When we reach the opening of the cave, the first question is why is the cave locked up?
The municipality of Mabinay decided to create a barricade to protect the cave. "Sayaw" or the Pygmy Swiftlets resides in this cave and the locals long time ago harvest's swiftlets edible bird's nest in these caves-which are by the way expensive due to it's high protein and valuable mineral contents. Not only they are expensive, they are as well dangerous to harvest being on those dark part of the cave. Chasing the birds and harvesting their nest would mean touching the minerals. One and basic rule before entering the cave is to "NOT TOUCH ANYTHING" because the rocks are too delicate with other particles. Simple touching would mean death to these rocks. It takes 10 years or an inch of growth, and 150 years to create a column. So now you know, let's get inside.

The reason why this cave is called Crystal Cave is because it literally sparkles like diamonds when it gets hit by a light. Truly amazing!

We were greeted by the residents of the cave.

The tail-less scorpion or the cave spider- my memory is getting horrible.

Cave cricket.

A centipede.

The one and only cave bat. He is quite shy. He hates the light..:]

Let us go further and take a look at the inside of the cave.

They have to install a light on some parts of the cave to have it sparkle. It actually looked awesome with the lights on.

The bacon formation.
See those teeth? It looks scary.
The beauty of a column.

There's actually a lot of fascinating formation found in this cave, and it amazes me how the love between the stalactite and the stalagmite does in order to survive and actually reach the point where they can be together after a century or two forming a column. It is indeed the story of love, giving, patience, waiting, and unselfishness. 

The cavers...bwahaha

Bye for now. Till next time.

This is indeed a one step closer to the intermediate caves. I wish I can go back to this lovely municipality and experience their other caves. It really made me realize how beautiful our country is. How we are to take care of these national treasures for the next generation to see. Thank you for sticking around. The next destination is on my next post...xoxo!

Photo of the day and special thanks to Phioxee for taking this shot. I lurv it!

Swear the water did not feel on me but to it's dearest stalagmite.


I turned 1!

image from Google.

After a year of blogging and never ending blog surf; some may ask what did I gain out of it. Well the last time I check, I have not even have a single cent out of blogging, but what really is there on blogging that got me hooked up for a year now? Actually I don't know. I can't explain it well perhaps.

What I can really remember a year ago is an ambitious, alone, struggling, trying-hard, over acting, laptop-less, and internet-less girl who wishes to blog without even knowing how to navigate the website. Well thanks to Google and to my dear best friend Phioxee- they are the best teachers I have. However, never did it appear to me that quitting is the best way out while I was stuck with follower 7 with my template going gaga due to some HTML errors, and never ending view count dilemma.
But enough of my over-rated past and look at how I progressed. Pleased! That's all I can feel right now. I slowly knew how this blogosphere works and amazingly know how to unzip downloaded file for my template. I learned a lot of things here, not just technically but with every blogger's post as well.

With that being said, I am truly grateful. I would love to post every blogger who have made my blogging year a blast and who have made a mark on me- who became my friends so to speak, but I may run short. I also planned to give away stuffs, but I would rather give everyone than just a few. So I guess I would have to wait until my budget permits...:]

Knowing about people's opinion and true emotions and learning how to deal with it is the most important learning I have gained for a year now. I also realized that blogging isn't just about making money- well I'd be hypocrite if I say I never dream of earning- but it shouldn't be the top priority. Blogging for me is about finding friends and be in a special circle of people who are beyond intelligent, free, opinionated, and over the top gorgeous like me!..haha

Kidding aside, I would like to thank all of you my fellow bloggers who made me feel belonged and worth the click. I may not be able to read all your post, but I'd make sure that I'd be viewing your blog every time I get online and catch up.

I know this post is a mouthful and this is my first post without lots of photos on it- you may notice. So, I would like to hug you all guys for sticking around and for patiently reading through my silly life. I would have gave up blogging long ago if I have not came to know you. So another year starts and cheers to us!!!