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Bais City Dolphin Watching

Hi there you guys! It has been long since I left this page. I have a lot going on lately, and it's pretty much handful. I know it is not an excuse, but God knows how many times I tried to open this page and tried posting. I just couldn't find the right words, or perhaps I just don't know where to start. Hmmp! Well to start off, I have this huling-hirit-sa-tag-init post in my draft. I finally got to experience Bais City's dolphin watching. FYI Bais City is a city next to our city- not Dumaguete but Tanjay City; my birthplace or my place of origin. That last statement sounds silly!

We started sailing around 6:00 AM
Let me share some of the amazing facts of Bais City. This city is a third class city located on the northern part of Negros Oriental which is 35.83 Kilometers away from Dumaguete City. Probably 1 hour and 15 minutes by land travel. It is but recognizable that you are nearing this city when you reach the boundary, because this city has a high spanish influence. Most of the houses and establishment's structure would testify it. The wide vast of sugarcane plantation would welcome you, so in this city hacienderas and hacienderos are not such an alien word.

This steel-train tells you you are crossing Bais City. This is also the landmark of Central Azucarera de Bais (CAB)- a sugar mill established by Tabacalera of Spain in the early 1900's. Photo credits to:
I always have this plan since college to experience the Dolphin Watching, but I haven't got the time, no I mean no one ever invited me. Boo right? Anyway, I always have this feeling that I can get there anytime though, it's just a 15 minute ride from home, right? I never thought it would take years to have this task crashed out of my bucket list!!

Rent: P4500 Capacity: 25
The back portion of the pump boat is actually the grilling area. It is like a pump boat/cottage.
With my SFC peeps.
From left: Arlyn, Diane, Eddie, Me, and Ate Bocks.
From left: Cathy, Dean, Jhulem, and Kurt
This is my second dolphin watching experience. You can check out my first Dolphin experience (here). I was hoping it would be different, but it wasn't unfortunately. We are like chasing them. The only difference is the quantity- they are just so many in this part of the sea, and that they come really near the watchers like they are reachable. They swift through the water gracefully really fast. They are really wonderful creatures don't get me wrong, but it's just so tiring to go after them all the time. I guess their elusiveness is what makes them beautiful and wanted.

There you go. So hard to take photos of these fellas.
This is the most decent photo that we got.
I intend to cut this post short, just so I have the reason to post the next stop. For everyone who continuously gives me traffic despite my shortcomings, thank you so much! I would do my best to be online and visit your page as well. I would just wanted say opps-I-miss May, but it would not happen on June. Till my next post...xoxo!