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All I Want for Christmas

I was tagged by two bloggers Loanne and Phioxee on what I want for Christmas. Thank you guys for keeping me busy online...haha I promised my self to blog about the Christmas season for this entire month. Christmas being the most celebrated feast all over the world. So, first stop is what I really want for Christmas. It got me really thinking. I have a lot of wishes but to come up with only 6 is a little task. I got these list on top of those "many" wishes. I am not expecting to get everything by Christmas, but hopefully I will along the way...:)

The tag mechanics are simple:

1. Kindly use the same TITLE as well as the FIRST PHOTO that I put here (that blurry picture of a Christmas Tree).
2  List 6 things that you want to receive for Christmas.
3. Tag 6 of your friends to make the same post (no tag backs).
4. Send the link, so I could check it out too.

1. First and foremost is the good health and safety of my family.

Photo from Rinkly Rimes blog.

2. My second wish is a Digital SLR Camera from Canon. A EOS Rebel T2i EF - S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit.

3. I also wish to have a tab. I at first really wish to have an iPad 2, but I dream of having an Android gadget even more than having an Apple product, so I came up with the Google Nexus 7.

Photos from Google Play.

4.  I also wish to have an outside of the country trip.- very grand I know but hopefully I can next year. Sponsors are welcome...haha

Photo from
5. I have been reading books every day- Devotional reading materials in particular, so I wish to have lots of if...haha

Photo from

6. For the last one, I know this sounds very cheesy, but I also wish for "The One"..I hope he'll come around real quick...:)
Images from

Some of my wishes are ambitious- I know...hehe It is better to dream big than to never really wish and dream at all. It motivates us to work even harder, right? So let's go go go! I would also like to pass this task to those bloggers who didn't do their Christmas list yet. So I found these people:

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So there you have it guys. Christmas will be here in a few days, and I am hoping that you, yes you- the one reading; would be receiving everything you wished/dreamed of not just on Christmas but in every day of your life. Never forget to share your blessings in this special season of love too...xoxo!


  1. wow Goodluck sa mga wishes... lalo na sa last wish ^_^

  2. bongga ang outside the country trip :))) and i wish na dumating na din ang "the one" na para sa iyo. :)) advance merry christmas!

  3. Naks! Lovelife ang last wish! Parang wish ko rin yan... chos! I pray for your good health and for "the one".. Sana matupad yung ibang wishes mo din!

  4. Lahat yan magtutupad except for No. 6. dyuk! <---- Iyan ang comment nila sakin.
    Kapag pag-ibig daming komokontra. haha. Goodluck sa lahat ng wishes mo. Sanay matupad eto lahat lalo na yung No.6 hihihi :D

  5. parang karamihan sa mga bloggers.. yung no. 6 ang mapait na hiling.. o wag ka magalala ako din naghihintay ng the one( real quick) hahaha

  6. 1 best na maiwiwish yan number 1 mo

    2 waaaaaaaaaant ko nyan haha need ko pla haha hays kung mayaman lng ako sampung ganyna bibilin ko haha

    3 haha kung magkakaganyan ako malaman puro game apps lalagay ko

    4 ako in or out of the country want ko mag tavel

    5 haha wa pa din akong power of six kaya di pa ko nakakapag basa uli

    6 heheh who knows diba keep us updated ha

  7. magaganda ang mga nasa wish list mo pero ...I'm gonna pray more for the 6th ... hehehe pag yan ang nakuha mo kakabugin ang first 5 wishes mo ;)

  8. #6 yan din sana yung wiwish ko e, kaso shit happened kaya hindi na lang. i'll stick to my number 6 wish. HAHAHA...XD

  9. hmmm.nararamdaman ko malapit na yan si number 6..haha!.. ultimate wish ko din yan this christmas eh..

  10. dapat talaga nasa priority list natin ang good health at safety ng ating family :)

    wish ko din na sana ma-grant lahat ng nasa wish list mo!

    happy christmas miss xoxo_grah!

  11. Ang wish ko lang na matupad lahat ng wishes mo sa darating na pasko. :)

  12. bet ko rin ang wish number two. :) i wish to have one by christmas. :) best wishes to you! :)

  13. I want a new camera too ><!
    I hope you get.. all of these ;3
    x, Lara

  14. I hope, wish and pray matupad ang Christmas wishes mo xoxo Grah!

    Have a happy and blessed December! :)

  15. of course blogger!!I followed back as i promise!! Now you have 98 members!! :)

    keep the good work!! :)
    Fs by Sf!!

  16. You can achieve all of there! Keep it up! For number 6... when the right time comes... God will give it to yeah... Have a good one!

  17. Astig blog mo mare pang-international. Hehe. Bat walang nag-wish ng world peace?

    Anyhow sana matupad yung mga wish mo lalo na yung tablet. Nakakapanlaway yung g nexus.

    * Pareng Jay was here

  18. Thumbs up sa lahat ng wish mo.. gusto ko rin! especially numbers 1, 3 and 5... Anyway, I'll look forward to your Christmas posts!

  19. Sana matupad lahat ng nasa wish list mo! Advance Merry Christmas!

  20. Gusto ko din ng gadget tab, pero android hindi yung iPad. Natutuwa akong basahin ang mga wishes ng ilan sa mga bloggers na binibisita ko at karamihan ay kasama talaga ang wish sa lablayp. Nakakatuwa kasi napaka-honest ng wishes, wala ng paligoy ligoy kumbaga. Ako kasi nung tinanong ako ng boss ko dati anong gusto ko matanggap sa pasko, kung maibabalik ko lang e di sana sinabi kong taasan ang sweldo; padala sa Pinas kada buwan aside ng sweldo ko; o kaya bahay sana since nasa real state sila nagwork hahaha. Anong sinagot ko? Peace on Earth. Pero joke yun, gadget siempre sinabi ko iPod palang unang labas nun hehe. Hope you get what you wish for sis!

  21. I guess Santa will be very busy for all the wishlist listed on blogs he he.. I love your list the first one is precious. Happy Holidays girl stay gorgeous!

  22. hope you wish come true this christmas..

  23. hope your christmas list will be come true :) hey dear just followed you on twitter. it must be cool if you follow me too :) thank u! btw my user name is @wildakhaira. have a great time!

  24. 1,4 at 6 NALANG DI MO PA NAKUKUHA. beat the deadline na dali!

  25. Well, there is nothing impossible for those who believe. I believe God will give you your heart's desires when the right time comes. Wish ko din ang Ipad:)
    Belated happy birthday to you dear:)

  26. Belated Happy birthday! Nakita ko kasi yung post ni Phioxee sa swimming party mo. Sarap ng food!

  27. if mag wi-wish ako mga material things na, kc i have all the love in the world na, hehe! wish ko sau is makita mo na rin c "The One" hehe!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  28. Great blog sweetie. I´m your new follower on gfc and bloglovin. Feel free to follow back. Kisses

  29. Nice wishlist!! I love that canon eos!
    Come to visit my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  30. Great wishlist! :D Mine, I just bought a new phone and I am now a happy broke! :D

    Jewel Clicks

  31. Always interesting to see what others put on their wish list. You have a pretty good one...glad you mentioned family and health first since both help us enjoy the rest of our wish list. Have a great Christmas...keep up with the devotional books...God has something in them just for you. Blessings

  32. I saw/read this before, akala ko nakapag-comment na ko, di pa pala. ;)
    anyway, will make a post about this next week, habol sa christmas...hehe!
    thanks for tagging. :)

    1. and good luck sa mga wishes mo, Merry Christmas! :)

    2. nagawa ko rin ang post sa wakas! ;) thanks again Grace for tagging me, Merry Christmas!!! :)

  33. Thanks for the tag Xoxo_Grah. Hindi ko pa nagawa ito. Pero dahil ang Christmas Season ay hanggang Epiphany eh pwede pa akong humabol. ;-)

    Thanks for the tag. I will do this later.


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