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An extra-ordinary day before Christmas!

The Singles for Christ Dumaguete Batch 22 spent a day with the kids at Sto. Niño Children's Home Foundation (SNCHF) before we got to spend the Christmas day with our respective families. We are thinking of a fellowship that is different and we want something worthwhile, so the service team fulfilled the planned charity event at SNCHF.

The kids are all homed in one building, and we were deciding what to bring and what to prepare for the kids. We all came to the decision of giving out toiletries and the like. We are primarily concern about their hygiene. I only have a small budget so this is all what I have came up with.

Few gifts from the heart.
Few gifts joined together makes it many.
We went there around 2:00 PM so we prepared snacks for the kids and for us of course. I love eating with kids by the way.

Sandwiches, hotdogs with mallows in a stick, and candies and some chips.

The chocolate cake taste really sweet and nice...:)
So we arrived at their lovely home and prepared the food and the materials that we would be using for the games we have for them. To our surprise they have prepared a small program for us. We are all in awe and amazed how they all came up with a dance number and a song for us too. They did a Christmas carol for us too.

And they have props. It was amazing!
They gave their thankful message to us and I was moved when a kid says that they are happy and that they believe that even if we are born or raised in an unfortunate situation, it is how we rise above the situation you are in that matters, and it is how we look at life that would make a difference.

It's time to take the floor and play with the kids:

Our fellow SFC brothers and sisters participating and really having fun with the kids.

After a the games we went ahead and eat with the kids and talk to them. I also realized that the kids love talking.

I am so happy to see the kids being so happy and free. I can see that they are as well contented of the family they have here in this foundation. They are so talkative and they are so fun to be with. They know a lot about what is happening, and the best of all some of them have Facebook accounts and asked us to add them up. We are just amazed and happy to know that their youth has not been taken just because they don't have their biological family with them at this time of the year.

We are all beyond happy to spend the day with the kids. They are definitely the hope of tomorrow. A child that is full of hope and so much love to offer. This is indeed one of those moments that I would treasure the most.

My beautiful household.
The people who made this afternoon possible.

They gave this to us as a token of appreciation. It was so sweet of them.

After spending the time with the kids, I came to appreciate what I have and what I am capable of giving. It also reminded to be grounded and focus on the things that really matter. I also therefore conclude that I really love kids...xoxo!

Before I get myself busy for the new year and all that, I would like to greet you all guys a Happy New Year! Cheers to 2013!!!!!


  1. What a precious deed and i wish I can be there too:)
    Bless your heart dear. That is christmas is all about. Love giving:)

  2. le smile of the kids.. <3 at pansin ko rin yung chocolate cake ginugutom ako. =.="

  3. Napaka noble naman. Walang katumbas na halaga ang mga ngiti na inyong naibigay sa mga batang ire! :)) Ang kyut 'nun ina-add ka nila sa FB account. :)) And the cake, mukha ngang masarap. *yumyum*

  4. Yum sa cake. Saludo ako sayo Ms. Grah sa iyong mga gawa. Kudos!

    Merry Christmas & Happy NEw Year :)

  5. Ang saya namang makapaghandog sa mga batang nangangangailangan, that's the true spirit of Christmas, God bless you guys!

  6. god bless you! god bless you,
    napaka noble ng ginawa nyo
    four thumbs up kasama paa!
    that's by far the best way to celebrate holidays

  7. You are doing a great job! Thank you for making the xmas of the kids awesome.

  8. sarap naman ng shoklet cake... saka nakaka tuwa naman .... mukhang enjoy enjoy ang lahat lalo na ang mga bata...

    Happy Happy New Year --- may ginawa ako para sayo.. sa latest post ko ^_^


  9. that was really nice - the kids looked really happy :) at ang saya ng dance and carolling nila for you :) we have an outreach planned on the 8th of Jan, fellow bloggers too, kung andito sana kayo, sama ka sana :)

    1. yup...gusto ko sana mag join...kaya lang ang layo ko...gustong gusto ko ung mga ganyang event eh. Too bad I can't come...:( Have a blast and i'm sure you'll be posting about it so i'll check it out na lang sa post nyo...:)


  10. What ang meaningful way to celebrate Christmas with those less fortunate kids. God bless you Miss Xoxo_grah :)

    1. too...Have a wonderful new year! God bless!

  11. very heartwarming post :D god bless all of you.

  12. Doing things like this makes you feel that you've done something really good. May God bless you more! :)

  13. great pictures! that must be a nice feeling to share with those kids! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  14. wow!! chocolate cake look so good!! *_* I love chocolate!!!
    And children are beautiful! Look like they're having so much fun! <3
    Happy New Year!

  15. Aprub! :-)

    Visitng the orphans is one of the good way of spreading the Christmas Spirit. Keep up the good work ha. You are living your Faith with deeds.

  16. Beautiful children, beautiful Christmas spirit, and I think we all have something to learn from these children. Happy New Year, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

  17. isang napakagandang adhikain.. meron din kaming binuo na grupo na halos may ganito ding purpose.. try mo pumunta dito:

  18. happy new year...ipagpatuloy niyo sana ang ganun..

  19. the kids' smile says it all, they are happy and very thankful for the time and resources you shared to them, God bless. happy new year...more blessings and more happiness this 2013. Cheers!!


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