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An extra-ordinary day before Christmas!

The Singles for Christ Dumaguete Batch 22 spent a day with the kids at Sto. Niño Children's Home Foundation (SNCHF) before we got to spend the Christmas day with our respective families. We are thinking of a fellowship that is different and we want something worthwhile, so the service team fulfilled the planned charity event at SNCHF.

The kids are all homed in one building, and we were deciding what to bring and what to prepare for the kids. We all came to the decision of giving out toiletries and the like. We are primarily concern about their hygiene. I only have a small budget so this is all what I have came up with.

Few gifts from the heart.
Few gifts joined together makes it many.
We went there around 2:00 PM so we prepared snacks for the kids and for us of course. I love eating with kids by the way.

Sandwiches, hotdogs with mallows in a stick, and candies and some chips.

The chocolate cake taste really sweet and nice...:)
So we arrived at their lovely home and prepared the food and the materials that we would be using for the games we have for them. To our surprise they have prepared a small program for us. We are all in awe and amazed how they all came up with a dance number and a song for us too. They did a Christmas carol for us too.

And they have props. It was amazing!
They gave their thankful message to us and I was moved when a kid says that they are happy and that they believe that even if we are born or raised in an unfortunate situation, it is how we rise above the situation you are in that matters, and it is how we look at life that would make a difference.

It's time to take the floor and play with the kids:

Our fellow SFC brothers and sisters participating and really having fun with the kids.

After a the games we went ahead and eat with the kids and talk to them. I also realized that the kids love talking.

I am so happy to see the kids being so happy and free. I can see that they are as well contented of the family they have here in this foundation. They are so talkative and they are so fun to be with. They know a lot about what is happening, and the best of all some of them have Facebook accounts and asked us to add them up. We are just amazed and happy to know that their youth has not been taken just because they don't have their biological family with them at this time of the year.

We are all beyond happy to spend the day with the kids. They are definitely the hope of tomorrow. A child that is full of hope and so much love to offer. This is indeed one of those moments that I would treasure the most.

My beautiful household.
The people who made this afternoon possible.

They gave this to us as a token of appreciation. It was so sweet of them.

After spending the time with the kids, I came to appreciate what I have and what I am capable of giving. It also reminded to be grounded and focus on the things that really matter. I also therefore conclude that I really love kids...xoxo!

Before I get myself busy for the new year and all that, I would like to greet you all guys a Happy New Year! Cheers to 2013!!!!!


Party Galore!

As this year ends and every one is giving thanks for the many blessing received. A celebration in whatever way possible is a must or shall I say a tradition? I too have my own fair share of parties to attend before we close this year with a grateful and hopeful heart for the years to come. It can be really exhausting at times though- the preparations that is. Well enough of my rants and just keep the drums rolling..:)

MJ's Despidida (going away) Party and team reunion.

Letchon- the all time favorite! I promise that this honey really taste wonderful that it looks.

The ever present Spaghetti.

Lumpia Shanghai.

I cooked this one- Halang-halang or spicy chicken with coconut milk. I must tell you it's really spicy.

The bread sticks really got no choice.

Seems like karaoke is the best way to start the night with...:)

And then we looked like this after a few rounds of b**r...:P Photo credits to Phioxee.
Nobody really took the move on saying goodbyes, it was funny. We are all just there to have fun and be together for the last time with our supervisor. Well she warned us ahead not to give any messages about the whole going-away thing and leave her in tears. We are just happy to grant her that.

SFC Batch 22 Lord's Day and Christmas Party

We are to end the Christian Life Program (CLP) with the Lord's Day. Lord's Day literally means the Sabbath or the day of worship. As for the SFC community, this ceremony resembles the Sabbath Ceremony actually used by Jewish families for beginning the Sabbath.

In this Meal we make use of the Jewish form of thanking God for his blessing, which called "The Berakah" (Blessed are you , O Lord, King of the Universe, Who, etc.)

After the ceremony and the dinner is already served. Each household is to present a number.

My angels.
The angel of the Lord presentation.

I was happy to give them a song with my colds. I was a bit off range but I think it just went well.
There were gift giving and some recognition.
With the Music Ministry.
With my fellow facilitators.
Before I forget, there were sharers talking about their experiences with the CLP and their life after CLP.
There were gift givings too

We ended the activity with a praise fest.

SFC Dumaguete Batch 22- Photo Credit to Weng.

Share a Toy, Share the Joy Teletech Year End Party

This year's theme is Share a toy, Share a joy. Remember how I told you about Teletech focusing on charities. This party is one testimony to it. Teletech sponsors kids from different orphanage to give out toys. Each team is assigned 2 kids for the gift giving. We are also to spend our night with them at Tierra Alta Clubhouse, Valencia. Let me share some photos of the night.

The famous light house.

We got to play with the kids.
My friend supervisor Eddie with some of the Sto. Nino Home Foundation kids.

The place is so gorgeous and perfect! After eating and some chit chats, we immediately invade the area for a couple of photo shots.

The whole E-Care team.

Me, Gorgeous Val, Momi Begging, and blogger best friend Phioxee.

Girls chilling out in the bar!

I belong!
After Party at Tiki Bar. Photo Credits to Valerie.

WiFi Team Christmas Party

We call ourselves the WiFi Team because we are one of those people who can actually sit down together in a WiFi place without talking for at least 30 minutes or so. It sounds alarming, but we are just like that. We talk when there is a need to talk, or we share each others view on Facebook's comment box. It's crazy! But that is just how we bond. Hey! We know our limits too. At least when we get bored online...haha

We dined at Lab-as Seafood Restaurant. The grilled panga was to die for. Sorry, got to no pics. We were all starving, so...
This is the very good example of us. I have a cold so perhaps it doesn't sound right.
We went to Watever KTV Bar afterwards for a couple of songs and for our "something funny" exchange gift. I realize afterwards that we have different views on that "something funny." Photo credits to Joeny.

I think I said too much here. It was indeed a season of calories, cabs, and worse cholesterol. Kidding aside, we all deserve to celebrate the year end. This is one way of reminiscing what our achievements were for the last year, and give thanks to it. I know you guys will have your own parties to attend, so have a blast and enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!...xoxo!