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Sumilon Island

There is this island that you get to see while riding through south from Cebu City. It is a landmark that would give me a hint that I am nearing home. Sumilon Island in particular. Upon staring at this island from a far makes me think of wonderful things and would really use my imaginations. I was enchanted so to speak, and I really wish with all my heart to be in this place one day. Well, glad to spend this day tour with my lovely friends last summer of 2012. I know it is a very old summer escapade, but I must admit that I actually forgot to post this one until it got old on my drafts. It is still in-line with the summer time, and I just thought it is the right moment to talk about my day tour in this enchanting island.

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Sumilon Island is a 24-hectare coral situated at Bancogon, Oslob, Cebu. This island is very famous for being one of the best diving area being the first marine protected area in the Philippines way back in 1974 with the guidance of Silliman University Marine Reserve of Dumaguete City. Their best diving spots are the Garden Eel Plaza, Nikki's Wall, Coral Landscape, and Julies Rock. One of the major attraction of the island is the changing shape of its sand bar depending on the season.

How to get there: If you are from Cebu, take a bus at the South Bus Terminal to Oslob and then stop exactly at the Sumilon Signage and take a motor boat to Sumilon. If you are from Negros, be at Sibulan port for Sibulan- Santander fast craft. You can visit this link for the schedules. So from Santander, you can hire a pedicab to Bancogon and then off you go.

The port of Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort.
Me and my fabulous friends took the day tour package for P1500 during weekdays and P2000 on weekends. This includes the to and fro boat transfer, buffet lunch up until 2:00 PM, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, and the best thing is that you can use the resort's amenities such as the pool and cottages for free. Just a heads up, you can't actually climb up the island if you are not a guest, so I suggest that you book the day tour package from them.

Me, pretty Val, the blogger Gagay, Boging, and Phioxee
Excited faces.
The first thing we did after that short walk up to the resort which was tiring but very exciting though is to change our outfit. Girls as we are and not to mention camera whoring again! I know we are just celebrating nature at its best.

You see. We are so camera shy. hmmmph! We straight ahead and get on our swimming gears and head off to kayaking lagoon.

Phioxee finally learning how to kayak. She is always my kayak buddy...hehe
The love couple val-wable...
Mark and Gagay capturing everything she needs for her blog. I remember me and Phioxee were so enchanted when she talks about her blog and how it works. We were newbies at that time, well we are still newbies now, but at least we already have 1 year of blogging experience.
We headed right to the snorkeling area to get a hint of what they can actually offer to divers like them.

The corals that we saw are actually that not extreme. We understood that we are on the beginners lane, we were not allowed to go their advance diving area because its very deep and the waves are beyond challenging. Well at least I saw something there. We headed to the sand bar after and had fun with the camera?...haha of the beach of course.

Haha...sorry Phiox. I know you hate this shot...haha
emo mode.
We got starved after having so much laugh at the sand bar. Just in time for the lunch, we got ourselves fill by their sumptuous lunch.

seafoods baby! nom nom
We rested for a while and went straight to their infinity pool and Jacuzzi before we get sleepy.

This is by far one of those treasured moments that we have as a girl group. I love this day tour that we got. You see, we are day-tour backpackers. The friendship that I have with this girls are as solid as it can be. That feeling when you don't have to talk, you surely knows they know what you're thinking and that kind of people where you don't have to explain your self.

Photo of the day!

Poor pedi. They got soaked in the sand..:)
I would be dedicating this post to a very close friend who will soon be migrating to the states. I know its too early to say but I know you'll gonna be there before we knew it. I am not that kind of person to do a dramatic farewell, but surely I am going to miss this friend, and if you access this page, well this is for you and I'll be missing you and your wonderful family. Remember that you always have a friend in me and that I would always be around. I love you friend. I'll miss you too, but I'll survive...xoxo!


  1. Ang c-cute ng mga pic pero mas pasok yung pic ng food ehehehehe.

  2. Really great photographs and narration. I enjoyed the scenery just by reading this entry.

  3. hahaha, anlapit2 ko lang dito. pero d ko bet pumunta di to kasi mahal ang rates. super commercialized. pero ayos yung pics ha. :-)

  4. Halatang halata na nagenjoy kayo kitang kita sa pictures. Ang ganda nung pool lalo na yung beach.

  5. Grah! Ang se-sexy nyo naman, pwede ng pang billboard ang pictures nyo :)

    Malilito ang mga makakabasa nito kung ang maganda ba ay ang Sumilon island o kayo hehe :)

  6. Awesome place and beautiful people. Kelan kaya ko makapunta dyan?

  7. Wow! Ang ganda ng lugar. Ang sarap naman ng gala nyo dito. And last year pa pala ito. Magandang i-market sa mga turista yung lugar. Panalong panalo yung island. :)

  8. sa 15th photo, ang lakas makaagaw pansin nung creature sa puno.

  9. When it comes to nature tripping and beach escapades, the word island is always on my list. I am a promdi guy and I take pride in knowing that I have experienced the most joyful and care free childhood in beaches and mountains alike.

    Someday, I'd love to stroll on it's white sand shore and splash in its pristine beach water. So nice :)

  10. ang sarap talaga ng buhay dyesabel ohh! haha at model na model
    kayo dyan ahh! haha at ayaw talaga ni phioxee yan shot na yan? haha
    bakit sya lang kasi naiiba haha ganda kya nung shot

  11. Travel buddy talaga kayo ni Ate Aicy hehe :))

    Ganda ng Sumilon Island and loved the beach as well!

  12. Lagi kayong magkasama ni Phioxee sa mga gala mo ha. :-) Bff.

    Narining ko na rin yung tungkol sa Sumilon Island na iyan. And like what I said in your other posts, I want to see the place. :-)

  13. umatake na naman ang mga seksi!!:)
    love the pictures, love the place and everything in between!
    bakit hate ni phiox ang picture? dahil hindi nakatalon no? hehehe

  14. wahhhhh! we have a lot of jumpshots. why did you include that one? bad!

  15. as usual, ang masasabi ko lang eh ganda nung place, ganda rin ng mga tanawin.. hhehehe

  16. never heard of sumilon, ang ganda! plus there's so much to do. thanks for sharing! :)

  17. What gorgeous pictures! The colors of the water and the island are so vibrant, and the water so clear. That looks like a wonderful place to spend some time, especially if you can dive into the crystal clear water. (sigh) And the pics of the four lovely ladies? Looks like shots for a fashion magazine. Really, You all look beautiful. And the one with you all jumping into the air? My favorite!

  18. sarap talaga mag swimming ngayong summer..

  19. I've heard of Sumilon before and it's really nice to know that they have day tour packages.. You know how I love the beach, and I wish to visit the place too.. I love your jumpshot! And good luck to your friend..

  20. awww.. i wish i can travel everywhere like you! you always go to amazing beaches :) that place really looks great, it would be fun if I can visit it someday :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  21. lovely photos :)

  22. Sarap magswimming lalo na ngayong summer diba. Gusto ko rin pumunta dyan. hihi

    Btw ngayon ko lang napansin ganda ng blog design mo :P

  23. beautiful place... mas pinaganda pa ng mga sexy and lovely guests (kayo!). :)

  24. wow... the place is breathtaking... sana makapunta ako jan. :)

  25. oozing hot. hirap makaget-over sa nag-iinit na pics. sana makarating din ako dyan.. pag nakaluwagluwag.. sa tamang panahon kasama ang tamang tao.

  26. That place looks amazing! Would love to go there :) x

  27. though we're busy, i still visit our blogs. lol.

    u need to update na indai. im excited with your next SUMMER post ;-)

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