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Spontaneously at Apo Island

When April comes, one island is surely waiting for me- Apo Island. I have always love to come back here every summer and get my tan. This island brings a lot of fun memories. I would never get tired of always going back each year. I must also tell you that this post is kinda nostalgic because Apo Island is by the way my first post. You can check it out here. Let me share this year's escape- I must say.

Me and my pretty friend actually have no plans of being in this paradise this year, but we have ATO or (Authorize Time-Off) at around 7:15 am. The inner vixen in us is saying we really need to go and be back later in the afternoon. Well, let's go.

Fare: P100 and P2 for the terminal fee.
It is their island fiesta. So, free food, stay, and fun of course. Viva Sr. San Vicente Ferrer!
Apo Island is geographically located on the southeastern side of Negros. 7 kilometers away from the town of Zamboangita, and 25 kilometers away from the the main city of Dumaguete. This island can be reached by a boat ride approximately 30 minutes from Malatapay, Zamboangita. Apo Island is one of the best diving area in the Philippines. This island has been blessed with beyond rich marine sanctuary.

My beach bum friends.
The small island souvenir shop. I have been gaga over magnets lately. So, I got my self one and I'm good to go.
I must tell you all guys that this island has no water supply. For drinking water the locals needs to transport gallons and gallons of water from the mainland. They have schedule power on that is from 5:00 PM to 3:00 AM. So power savers are really helpful.

I would like to credit Phioxee for taking these photos. I swear I'm having some lone moments. Surely, true friends sees you in ways others cannot. I love the photos indai..mwah!
Apo Island also has a turtle area where you can actually swim with the sea turtles or Pawikan we call it. You can as well trek the Rockpoint View Deck and the lighthouse or the Parola. I have already trekked the Parola, I am now trying out the Rockpoint View Deck.

My muscles ached, but it was all worth it!
The rest of the trip was a never ending beach trippin' and eating! I think I gained a few pounds I guess? Well, never mind it. I just want to live free and enjoy every thing that comes along my way.

The sun is making everyone a bit drowsy.
My best travel buds. Phioxee- the body beauty, the pretty hot Val, and Me- just me...hehe
We stayed for the night. We were not able to go home as scheduled because guess what? I didn't go on absent just so you know, my Paid Time Off or PTO was approved later that afternoon. I guess my heavy bag is all worth the carry...hahaha I would also like to shout out my Happy Birthday greeting to my beloved best bud Phioxee. I lurv you always gurl. I would love to spend every travel with you. Cheers!

This is one of my memorable trip because my phone go stolen here. I did some mobile tracking, but I realize it was not worth the fight. I have came to this point in my life where acquiring material things is gratifying, but never to depend my happiness on it. I love Apo Island and I'd always do. Anyway, unplanned vacation is always the best. Well, brace your self chicas because it's summer and I am on for beach post all summer. Till our next trip...xoxo!


  1. wow suki ka naman pala dyan ee!
    ganda nung shopt mo pang fhm haha!
    hays bakit ba di ko kailaman man nagustuhan ang araw
    may pagka nocturnal ako ee haha

  2. So beautiful place and seems like you had a blast :) You all look great :)
    xo, Lara

  3. ang sayang ng phone sis! pro yaan mo na may kapalot yan na mas maganda for sure:)
    lobely photos and it shows na nag enjoy tlga kayo yun lng nmn ang importante:)

  4. Awesome place and awesome shots!
    Sarap talaga magbabad ngayon sa tubig!!

  5. so gorgeous and beautiful.. yung lugar ang ganda rin.. being an OFW i am deprived to visit places like this, and how i wish i could explore this beautiful places in Philippines. Good thing travel bloggers have this post parang in a way i got the glimps but it is still worth if you where right there in that place.

  6. Sayang nawala yung cp anoh. Pero da best talaga yung experience at memories.

  7. nice photos. never been to that island. too bad you lost your phone.

  8. It's such fun to sit here in a desert canyon, cloudy and windy today, and look at your photos from your island trip.

  9. kamusta ba ang mga corals dito? na try mo ba mag snurkel dito? hehehe. at meron bang cliff na pweding talonan?

    Ok lang saken kahit hindi maputi ang sand. mas ok saken yung malinis at may corals na pweding enjoyin sa pagsisid mo. hehehe

  10. solb, at nakakabighani 'yung mga pictures.. :)

  11. ang suwerte naman ng nakakuha ng phone mo...naroon ang mga magaganda mong larawan lalo na sa beach....

  12. Huwaw ate Grah, kasama mo pala si Ate Aicy sa Apo Island adventure nyo. Nice nice!

    Loved all your shots and glad you guys had fun on your short visit there :))

  13. Wow sa 2 pesos na terminal fee? Gawin na yang 5! lol

    Seriously with the water issue? wala bang mountain o poso man lang jan?? Electricity is bearable but water? panu kung may bagyo?

    Stolen? Uhmmm grabe.. di na din safe sa ganyan kahit sa Island..tsk

  14. Ang ganda sa Apo Island! I wish to visit that island. Nawa'y makasama ako sa trip n'yo dyan next time. :-)

    1. Maganda sana kung yung local government nila ay maglagay ng undersea pipes para sa tubig ng Apo Island. Kawawa naman ang mga taga-isla. Taghirap sa tubig!

  15. Walang water supply? Tsk tsk, di hamak na mas importante yan kesa electricity.

  16. Buti na lang pala yong napuntahan naming island may water supply..

    Sarap mag beach no.. Hehe

  17. Ganda naman sa Apo Island - sana madevelop ang water at power supply para sa mga locals.

    It shows you had loads of fun on the trip at ang se-sexy nyo ha! :) Sorry about what happened to your phone - anyways, pwede naman always mapalitan :)

  18. ur sexy and i know it! grabe nindota pod dinha

  19. oh my goodness, such a beautiful island. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you could enter my latest giveaway. I'll be announcing three winners! :)

  20. oozing hotness. kaya umiinit lalo.

  21. wow! summer na summer..... ganda naman diyan...

    thanks sa pag share.... ^___^

  22. aaaw! U know how i love spontaneous adventure!

    And i see hotness everywhere hi hi hi

  23. ganda naman ng Apo Island. parang yung beach is mabato pero hindi yung rough stones kundi yung makikinis na parang coral. parang sa Pucca beach. 2 yrs na kong di nakakarating sa dagat tuwing summer. bawi kami next year pag malaki laki na si Mik. :)

  24. Ang suwerte nyo, lapit mga.beach. ako rin nga pala, masuwerte, natatanaw ko beach from my bedroom window. Kaya lang, nagyeyelo ang tubig. Hi hi.
    Happy summer out there:)

  25. I am jealous. I miss the island life (but not the same as Apo island ha ---no water and scheduled power lang). ...but I don't like getting a tan and I hate wearing bikinis. I always feel exposed when wearing one. :)

  26. Will be going to Dumaguete this August. Hope I'll get to visit Apo Island. :)


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