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Teletech 2013 Summer Fun!

Let us rock the 80's. That is the theme for this year's summer fun. Prior to the summer outing, we have had dress up with the 80's. I know I was a bummer for not participating. It just not my kind of thing. Well, going back to the summer outing. We have this year's outing at Bahura Resorts and Spa at Dauin, Negros Oriental. I always dream of being in this place. The problem is- everyone I knew already has been to this place so I was left with no one to come and join me here. So knowing this would be the place of the event, got me happy big time! Free food, drinks, and most of all it's a whole lot of free fun. I am always so proud of our company's summer getaway, as it is always the best. They always gives us the best parties. So, let's start this year's water fun!

Entrance Fee: P500 (consumable)
This place is also famous for wedding receptions.
This resort is a 5-hectare land with 8 luxurious villas and 32 well-appointed rooms, plus facilities, such as 2 free-form infinity pools and a PADI dive center. Photo credits to Bahura.
We were permitted to log out ahead of time. We fervently pray for it..:) kidding! So we went to the venue all ready for summer and so ready in getting a tan. We were kinda late. The program has already started as the event started at around 11:00 AM. We arrived at around 12:30 PM.

We took some photos on the photo booth. We were like starving already, so go straight to the table and helped ourselves with the food. Before we knew it, we have not finished our plate because we got hooked with the presentations. It was really fun, and we were cheering for our team. We have not grabbed the champion trophy but we had fun. We never really did grabbed any champion trophy though from the beginning, because we just have fun with the presentation...:) I guess that is what really matters.

The host
Charter presentation.
Rated SPG. 
Recognition of our Top Supervisors for the month of January, February, and March.
Just when the company party presentation ended, everyone went on and do whatever they pleases. We did our thing too. Camera whoring also is the new gig.

A couple of trows with the Frisbee plate.
A little sip on that ice-cold beer.
Just for fun.
These dudes clearly does not want to pay for the corkage fee of P500.
The water was beyond okay. It was fantastic!

Having some hot pool dip with Phioxee and Val.

After a few shots. A result.
Compared to my other company outing, I must say this is one of those labelled "okay lang." It was not awful but it was not that "fantastic." Maybe because we had some struggles for the past month as an account, and there has been a couple of drastic changes. A lot of my companion are new to the company too, so they are a bit reserved, timid, and shy. I guess I just miss my previous "pool party-mate". I miss my old colleagues, supervisors, and bosses too, but everyone has to move on. Anyway, enough of my over thinking thoughts again. You guys enjoy your summer rendezvous with either your family, friends, or whoever and get a tan. It's the season's color. Till my next beach bum post...xoxo!


  1. Wow... You guys look like you really had fun!!! I'll be in CDO from July 4-9...Sana makadaan ako sa Dgte... Hehehe

  2. For me it looks really fantastic :D
    xo, Lara

  3. pero sayang talaga at hindi mo na enjoy masyado yung place. i can somehow understand your feelings. kapag may nagbago na, it will never be the same. the happy memories...

  4. that looks like alot of fun! and that resort is really beautiful, makes me want to go to the beach right now. great photos! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  5. looks really great. i am missing pinas so much. :)

  6. ang ganda ng place! too bad it was only okay lang experience, iba talaga minsan pag ang kasama mo ay ang mga matagal mo na kilala..kahit simple lang ang pupuntahan o gagawin, enjoy na enjoy pa rin. I'm sure though na magiging good friends din kayo ng mga newbies at next outing happy happy na ulit :)

    yung teletech outing naman namin sa 13 pa, sa subic :)

  7. saya rin pala sa teletech, hano?

  8. It seems a lot of fun for me:)
    Have a nice week end:)

  9. haha ewan ko ang perception ko ng 80 summers ee ung mga girls na mau once piece na high cut haha
    ayyy 90s ata yun hahaha
    anyway mukang lawak nung lugar aah at linis!
    ooops tong its! haha

  10. Wow, ang ganda naman jan sa Bahura resort :)

    Btw Ate Grah, workmate pala kayo nila Ate Aicy? kasi napapansin ko lagi kayong magkasama sa mga galaan at outings at yeah, Teletech din pala siya nagwo work hehe.

    Glad you guys had fun!

  11. hi fiel! yes, we're workmates and travel buddies. kaya ako ngblog ulit dahil makulit tong si grah!

    anyways, i totally agree with you dai. mas masaya pag lahat hindi kj diba? at lahat ng nagpunta naligo. parang tau lang ata ang biba don. me sariling mundo yung iba. lol. hindi mo nabanggit yung nakilala mong spanish na foreigner.

  12. Teletech ka din pala like Zai and Joanne.. Buti pa kayo may yearly outing talaga. sa amin nga team building lang wala..sana matuloy na yung dis april.

  13. Wow, summer na summer ang pakiramdam at kitang kita ang saya. Linis pa ng lugar. :)) Fun, fun, fun!

  14. Yes!!! Summer na talaga! Ganda ng place! Sarap magbabad sa tubig!

  15. super summer na summer...
    sarap tignan ng tubig ganitong kainit

  16. Too bad that your outing is "ok lang". Well, I guess it is better than not having an outing at all. :-)

  17. Amazing photos, looks like a seriously awesome place


  18. wow saya saya. summer na summer. ganda ng photos :)

  19. napa "Hong loki" tlga ako dun sa pool. :D

    Ang linis tignan nung place ..

  20. yay! i love the place. too bad you didn't have a blast. bawi na lang next beach trip. :)


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