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ICON 2012: Great God

For 19 years now, SFC or the Singles for Christ all over the world gathers for the International conference or ICON. This year's ICON was held and hosted by Tagbilaran, Bohol, with the theme; Great God (Luke 1:46). This event is created for the purpose of renewing the faith, strengthening the bonds of every single brothers and sisters in Christ, to realize how great our God is, and last one is also to enjoy being in the community...hehe

"I am destined for greatness!!!".
Meet the campers. SFC Dumaguete delegates. Some of them are not yet there when we took this photo..sorry guys...hehe
We started the conference with a mass.
"Don't settle for a quality life, aim for a life live to the fullest".
We have talks and sharing of God's greatness when the evening comes.
"Be a channel of blessing for others. Blessed to bless."
"I am great because I have a great God".
"I live because I am loved".
"Allow Jesus to heal your wounds".
These lanterns symbolizes our sins that we need to let go.
"Don't look back at your faults, let it fly".
Evening worship and talks are emotional for me. It feels good to have that moment with your God. The experiences of God's greatness that has been shared by my fellow brothers and sisters are beyond inspiring. I myself is moved...:)
Run for Jesus.
The early morning praise and worship is one of my favorites. Cool wind blowing, sun rise afterwards, then fat burning for the fun-run...uh-mazing feeling!!..hehe

We have different workshops on the second day as part of the conference. I picked "Keep the fire burning." I seriously don't know what that workshop is all about.- I have not read the description...hehe my bad...hehe Anyway, I just thought about spiritual dryness. I am happy I did not raise my hand when Kuya Taffy- the speaker asked what our expectations are....hehe I was so surprised that it was all about sex and relationship.  The workshop would help you with your own struggles- sexuality in specific. This is for me the most sensitive topic of all, since most of us has already forgotten the reason why man and woman was created for in the context of God's teaching. Every single man and woman is being challenge by worldly pleasures.

"A person who knocks on a brothel is actually looking for God".
"I am worth the wait."

Interesting points, right?...:)
The workshop is not to totally answer your questions about your own sexual struggles but to at least figure out the reason for such. You need to go back to know the answer....:)

With conviction and with all our strength...praising and worshiping God for His goodness.
Under the blazing sun, everyone is but victorious. See how we forgot our own comfort  to just praise God. Never minding the heat and the sweat running through our faces. For the Lord, there is nothing we cannot do.
We have live online streaming via We are a total of 6,500 delegates and 2,000 views online, for a total of 8,500!, eh (wink)?

As we end this year's ICON, we all got to go back to our own respective homes with a renewed faith. The ICON has indeed reminded each one of us of the greatness of our God. We somehow need to respond to the call He has for us. I must tell you though that I am new to this community, and I am so blessed to be part of it. First time ICONer is an extreme honor for me. This is far from being great. It is greatness!! I now understand the true meaning of the promise the community has: SFC community is an opening to a life that is invisible to the world....xoxo!


Something special on Valentines Day

Everyday we are all facing certain calamities in our own lives in different circumstances. Others might be due to financial constraints, some may be due to family feuds, while others might be undergoing medical treatments-  battling for their lives. GK3 or the Gawad Kalinga 3 community is but no exception. This community is one of those communities that were affected by the recent typhoon Sendong.

Their houses were destroyed by the raging flood that leaves them building a tent in order to have a place to stay.

SFC Dumaguete decided to spend this year's Valentines Day to share love in this community...:)

Blood Pressure check...:)
We got to eat with the kids too!

Of course we got to play with them too. I can't take away the inner child in me...hehe
Photos by: Joeny Bermejo

I have been so blessed with family, friends, but not financially though...hehe I am constantly receiving love..(wink)...hehe I just feel that I need to pass it forward. This blog isn't just about me going places and plainly having fun, this is also about me actually doing something unconditional....xoxo!


Siquijor bit me!

Story first...lols! I grew up hearing witchcraft stories like my entire life or existence, and it always relates to one island in particular..Siquijor!!! So imagine my anxiousness and well stress before arriving the port...hehe A lot of things are running through my head, like don't do this and that, never talk to strangers, check your food before eating, and so on...My parents never approve of me going there, but I still went anyway...hehe

Meet the pack behind the adventure...hehe

This is so much fun!

We were invited by our two friends- the two guys at the back wearing white shirt both of them for their town fiesta. This could mean one thing- much much food and free stay!!!..great isn't it?..hehe So two days passed and I wasn't harmed or anything close to that. I'm actually beginning to love the place. The people are accommodating too. Far from what I am hearing...hehe

Before you reach this place, you got to pass by their forest. It was worth the stiff neck...lols. It is beautiful really it is...hehe. So, imagine my jaw dropped when I saw this...I can't believe I'm actually in a cove!!! The view just blew me away. This is by the way Salagdoong Beach

We also went to their different towns. It was an island of rich culture and uh-mazing beaches. 

After the adventure, I must say Siquijor is memorable...You actually need to go to the place in order to see what it has to offer. I'm glad I passed by the island. It makes me wanna go all over again...hehe..xoxo!


So not over Antulang!

Kayaking with Aicy.

Horse back riding was surprisingly fun. This is my first horse ride, and I was a little bit nervous that he would kick me off. He proved me wrong though...hehe

The beach area is quite secluded. You won't even notice there is this small place with rocks all over it. Its so cool.

How can you not love Antulang? The moment we stepped out of the van for the day tour package that we got, I know I won't get over the place. The place is peaceful. It actually is the best place for a city-life-getaway. The view is overwhelming too. The people as well as their level of service is excellent. I call it "stress-free." It makes you wanna live!.

You can visit their official website for the day tour package information and reservations here.


First stop

Meet the people behind the adventure.
I got my self a Henna Tattoo for P70 ..great isn't it?

The look of the island from my point of view is like heaven.

The coral reefs are beyond amazing!

I was having a hard time choosing what my first blog would be. So here it is....our trip to APO Island. It has been a tradition to visit APO Island for two years now. The best thing about it?...Aside from the to and fro fare expense, everything else is free!! literally free!..Special thanks to our friend Paul. Oh, well aside from the henna tattoo that I got. So enjoy the photo...Hope you guys like it...xoxo!

APO Island by the way is one of the best diving areas there is in Negros Oriental. You may visit their website for more info here.