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Siquijor Island: 2nd Shore Visit

This is my second visit in the Island of Siquijor. I hope it won't be the last though....:) During SFC conferences I  make sure I have applied for an extra day off because I knew we would be going out and explore the area wherever we are. We are supposed to to tour the entire island- you can do this in 4 hours by the way. A relatively small island it is, but we are a little bit tired and the weather is not on my side sadly. It changes from being hot to being misty because it has been drizzling the entire day, no the weather has been like it the entire conference! So we opt to just go to a resort and eat a good food. We hired a Pedicab for P1000- a bit expensive I know so don't mention...hehe We reached Coco Grove- one of the expensive and exclusive resort in the island. Let me share some of the sites I have photographed before going to Coco Grove.

This is their port. It was drizzling when I took this shot. Not very clear...:(

This is their old bell tower in Siquijor, Siquijor.

The old church in San Juan, Siquijor.
This is us. I must tell you though that I am the only girl in our group on this trip, so I ready my self to get picked on!

Alrighty, let us go and check out Coco Grove.

They have an entrance fee of P200 which is consumable too.

This is their waiting area. A couple of chairs and tables right beside the hallway. Very elegant and serene too.

This folks might want to stretch out a bit eh?...haha
The Coco Villa.

This is just one of their comfty Villas for their guest.
The pool.

Relaxing a bit. The serenity of the place is what really draw guest into this resort.
They have this little game in the resort. It kinda look cool. I should have tried to take those kiddos down...haha
Yes, that's right! Their cocktail area is a stone house.

The restaurant.
We are all excited to go to swim but the resort's personnel did not allow us to go down the beach because the area has been surrounded by sea urchins! We are like okay let's go to the pool. Then, they again told us we cannot take advantage of the pool because we need to check-in. So plan B, we went to the receptionist and try to persuade her to let us use the pool because it was not our fault that the beach area is not available, right?..hehe She was firm enough not to let us use the pool. So plan C- check-in to one of their Villas. The problem is, they will only allow 4 person to use the pool since the Villa is only good for 4. We are like seriously?!! So, we decided to just leave and take our money back because we are a group of eight and we believe in the saying, "all for one, one for all"...hehehe Their receptionist is beyond kind and understanding by the way, so she allowed it..hahaha We hop into Dondeezco.

We were the only ones there, so we took advantage of their slide, and act like kids....hahaha

We found this very wide white sand and we though it would very nice to take some photographs. I think it went well....haha

We got another major problem!! When we got to Dondeezco, and found out that the Chef is not available and that there is no food or anything that we can eat. Just our luck, right? We were starving, really starving, and it's way past 6:00 PM already. We headed back to the main town to get our tummy get filled. We dined at Swiss Stars. The driver says this is their best let's try it. We are no longer in the position to look for another place, I need to eat ASAP!...hehe We do not have photos of the foods we ordered. All I know is that we were billed more than P1000 so it might have been a lot..hahaha However, I am glad to not have photos, because I would be mortified with how I look when starved...haha All we can think of is food...goodness! Anyhow, their food is pretty expensive but over all it was okay. I believe all food is delicious when you are starving, right?!

The whole witchcraft fear thingy is already way past beyond my shoulders now. No more anxiety or stress. A whole lot different than my first Siquijor post (here). This time its all about praising and having a whole lot of fun with people who you can fully relate and care about. Since this island is just a fast craft away, I'd love to be back and tour the entire area next time. There is sure a lot to love about Siquijor...xoxo!

Only in the Philippines:

This island doesn't have a literal gasoline station. They sell gasoline in a 1 Liter Coke bottle. If you need gasoline along the way, you'll be amazed that the locals have it outside of their houses. It's like the best business in the island. But it's quite expensive as they need to buy this product from either Cebu or Dumaguete...but really my first only in the Philippines photo...:)


My day at Collonade Party Pool

This year has been a blast for me. I have met a lot of people that have influenced me to go beyond what I can do. To be the best version of my self that is. My family who has been eveeer supportive of everything I do, and to just everything that crosses my mind; my boss and colleagues who pushes me so hard to hit my target and even do more than what I am asked for- a good thing?...hahaha My gorgeous and fabuuulous girl friends who stayed around and be my best cheerios!..:) My boy/guy friends who laugh at my silly jokes..haha I couldn't thank them enough for always being there for me and for bringing out the best in me. I wouldn't be this person I am today without them. With that being said, I took them to the Collonade Party Pool to spend some quality time.

This is the place. I am so glad we were the only ones there. It really made the fun quite private. This place is situated at San Miguel, Bacong- a 20 minutes ride from Dumaguete.
Come in!

We cooked and prepared all the food. The resort is allowing their guest to bring their own food since they do not have a restaurant. They exclusively supply the drinks though.

Vonex and Aicy doing all the tocino sticks...:)Thanks guys!

Ate Bocks and Eddie doing all the frying..haha

All of us did the grill. Talking while cooking...:)

Before everything gets set and before the fish is ready to be served, we have spent a little less of the time to just sit around. We talked, we laugh, and we took photos...that's for sure!

The best gurl friends there is!...I so love them!

The new trainee...Hey! I love those muscles Eddie...haha

The gorgeous!

My best bud.

My favorite Ate.


So just me!

Everything is set! Let's eat! I'm staving!..haha
I don't know what happen to the empty space above. Anyway, going back, it made me happy thinking that my small gathering is not just me and my friends enjoying the day, but they too spent quality time with their own family. I love my friends and so as their lovely kids. Their presence really brought happiness.

Miggy learning how to swim!

Pretty Danny and Mommy Begging..:)

Danny and Miggy working with waters!

Boo-boo and Danny swimming like pros.

After all the food intake and talking, we joined the kids in the pool because its getting so hot. Time to invade.

I forgot to mention that I waited for like an hour for this three boys. The celebration would not be complete without these people. Although some of my invited friends bailed on me on that day, they have valid reasons I think, and they made sure they make it up with me the next check! Everything is perfect!

My favorite people in the world...hahaha


This year is about giving thanks to God who took me back into his arms. I wouldn't be this happy without Jesus in my heart. To people who have made me special and loved. Now, my next move is to pass it forward.

This is me saying, thank you for taking a little of your time to click on my page and scrolling through the post. I truly appreciate it. I need to keep my family celebration all to myself. I would love to share it too, but I just think it's just for me to savor...haha Know your heart's desire and follow your feet..xoxo!

Photo credit to my photo blogger friend, Walter.


RECON 2012: BLESSED (1 Thess 5: 16-18)

A first time RECON (Regional Conference) participant has been a blessed and joyful experience. This year's theme is Blessed (1 Thess 5: 16-18)- Be joyful, prayerful, and grateful. This was held in the Island of Siquijor- this is the out of town that I  have mentioned on my last post by the way...:) This year's RECON is all about recognizing all the blessings that we have received from way back when we are little- remembering all those is a challenge- exactly the point! There is a lot, right? It is being said that recognizing and claiming those blessings is the first step in sharing it. This 3-day event has 5 talks, Holy Eucharist celebrations, sharing, and workshops. 

The venue!

My 3-day kit is ready!

I am ready!
Day 1: Be Joyful/ I am blessed

The first day and the first talk is all about recognizing your blessings and that realizing all blessings comes from the Father. The first day has activities that would help everyone to recognize all those, and how we can be a blessing to others as well. This is for us to realized that the greatest blessing humanity has ever received is Jesus.

Praise and worship- always powerful and my favorite.

We have an activity to write down the blessings that you wish your seat mate could get. We are as well to mingle with other participants.

Blessed to bless! Meeting new people.
On this day, I have also learned the difference between happiness and being joyful. Happiness is something that is temporary. It's a kind of feeling that you get to feel whenever you are pleased on that certain moment. Being joyful is a gratitude of God's blessing. A joyful feeling is something that is permanent. Example: We rejoice in the happiness of others. Being self-less so to speak. It is less to do with emotions but with what you believe in. Joy is a result of our actions...:)

One of our sisters has shared about how her disability brought her to the Lord. How she sees God amidst the darkness. I was amazed by her life experience, and how God called her for a mission. God definitely works in ways we cannot understand.

Day 2: I am Prayerful

The second day talks are about being prayerful. We need to know that prayer is what connects us to God, and that prayer is an important tool in our christian life in order to respond to a call- service. Prayer also manifest our desire to seek for God. It made us aware the reason why we opt not to pray. Sins are one of the reasons. Thus, humility is required.

A very nice talk is given by one of our Tito's about being joyful even in suffering. His personal experience is taking his wife to the grocery store or when going out shopping. Girls are girls as he says.

Praise and worship is always fulfilling.

A wealthy kid turned missionary. Previously living under the comfort of material things, now living under the comfort of God's grace.

This is a missionary family. How God call's this entire family for service is amazing. How they opt to be on the road and evangelize brought me to tears.
Finding joy in service is the key. The sharers then showed that God provides to His people who is willing to help Him carry the cross and proclaim His mighty. Responding to the call is not an easy "Yes". However, if God calls you, who are we not to respond, right? Only few are called, so be grateful for it.

Day 3: I am Grateful

This day is about being grateful to the Father. For all the things that He has done to our lives. Sometimes, were are all caught up with our every day lives that we forget to thank Him for everything that keeps us busy. We somehow need to take a glimpse of the past, what we are doing at present, and how we see ourselves with God as the center of our lives in the future.

We started the day with a mass.

We are to bless everyone around us. Share hugs and prayers to everyone.

This is the entire SFC Dumaguete participants.
The last event that we have is the praise fest. I personally love this part of the conference. The greatest form of prayer for me is by singing. I don't have that wonderful voice, but it's different when you sing. I can feel His presence in every line of song I utter. It's just an amazing feeling. Incomparable I may say!

For further inquiries about what Singles For Christ is, you may visit our website (here).

So it's over..:( Blessed campers we are!

We are all blessed in every way possible. God has loved mankind to send his son Jesus to save us from our sin. Our greatest challenge then is how to respond to the call, and how to pass those blessings forward. I'm a newbie here guys, and I just think, hey! we are all newbies. We need to keep learning, we need to keep yearning for something that money can't buy. Something permanent....till next post...xoxo!

Photo of the entire RECON:

This has been a long post. Please bear with me...haha

Someone proposed! Envy much.