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Let's fly Tierra Alta!

I think I have always blogged about me having so much fun on the beach or in water. Now this time, let me take you to heights as I took my first zipline ride at Tierra Alta. We had this one day team building- you know how it is in the call center. We have all sorts of team building....hehe, and we thought lets do something unusual. Let's go up in the mountain and experience the rush, and so we decided to take the zipline challenge. It was awesome but terrifying as well....hehe The land is actually a subdivision intended for high-end residents who wishes to get out of the busy city lights, but the place has this gorgeous cliff on the far end of the lot so they turned that side of the subdivision into an adventure park. Genius! Let me take you for a ride...:)

The landing zone.

There is the tower. It is too far...hehe but I like the view of it from up here. We climbed their tower to see the full mountain view. It was worth the dizziness...hehe

I always thought I don't have that fear of heights, because I thought I can manage it...hehe I was a bit surprised when I actually felt so scared climbing the tower where you are to be board. My nerves are actually shaking...hehe but somehow deep within me, I need to get over it. I can't let it spoil the fun...hehe

Meet the people behind every metrics hit...:)

My them!...hehe
We need to sign those waivers first..I object!...kidding...hehe
Do I have a choice here?...hahaha
Let us get this thing started. I am so excited after I signed the waiver. I actually did not read through it. I know I can make it...I mean, that's the spirit!...go go go! Let's ride the cart...hehe

Go Tito Albert!

Pretty Val!

Hey! That's me...hehe so proud of my self...hehe


Job well done dad!

I know you can fly...hehe

This is how to pose for cuteness even up in the air...hehe

Was it successful?...Val says "Oh yeah"!
Since we went there early and finished ahead of time. There is still lot to see. What to do next? Took photos of our selves...hehe..We are so not nars...:)

 My first zipline ride was a blast! Beating and overcoming that fear of heights is an achievement...hehe I was like...yeah! the whole time I was up in the air. This getaway is also made possible because I have my closest friends with me. You know, sometimes a brave heart comes from an assuring eye of a friend. What more if you have friends...get the picture?..:) Now, I'm thinking, I'm ready for any up-in-the-air bring it!...xoxo!


SFC: Character weekend 101

I have been so busy or let's just say super occupied with what I have been doing for the past few weeks or months. I lost track already- not a good sign...hehe I am so glad I was approved for a leave so I can join the character weekend, because its important for me to check how am I when I talk?, how is my temper when others are not meeting my expectations?, how do I react on certain things?, what really matters to me?, or how am I as a person in general?, and the most important I think for me is Am I still walking in purpose? The SFC family organized an overnight gathering to help single man and woman check what attitude is pleasing to God by simply going back to basic- Character. This was by the way held at Le Toundra Peak. So let me share you some photos of the place.

Sunrise moments are the just the best! It is worth the alarm...hehe

We have a 6 different talks, everything relates to another. I will try my best to make it short and simple..hehe. So first, is all about emotions!...hehe It is being said that every one of us is privileged with what we call emotions. It is God-given I must say, but a lot of times undesirable actions are driven out of emotions. Now, the challenge here for us is how to contain it . How we are not to be en-slaved of our emotions per say. As a person it is important or a must to be the master of our emotions. How can we accomplish that? constant prayer for God's grace of  guidance!...:)

We need to define the meaning of character first...hehe

We have facilitators to give out the talks.

We have activities to test our patience and temper.
Let us go deeper into one of our emotions- which by the way is the hardest to tame- Anger. First, anger can bring about hurt, resentment, and worst broken-relationships. tsk tsk...Now, how can we hold on to that anger when are caught off-guard?- hard I know, but attainable!..agree? but how? For me, simply don't react right away. You can count the sheep first..hehe kidding. Count from 1 to 10, now the key here is that while you were counting-slowly take a look at the reasons for such anger. Was the anger derived by my own shortcomings? Is my poise worth compromising? I really bet it's not....hehe It works for me, so you may try it as well. Again, prayer is the key to attain this.

We ate a lot...hehe

Another one is fear. Tito Oliver said that fear is a gift. I was like, really? For fear is the first instinct that you need to consider whenever we are in a situation and we feel like it's not safe. Good point! With that being said, I would like to say that we need to be very careful and mature enough to determine the disadvantages of fear, because it has a lot such as inferiority, it makes us avoid things- cowards, insecure, worst- it makes us settle for less and then have opportunities pass by right on our own noses. How to overcome fear is the biggest challenge for me, but again, achievable! You simply need to trace back or go back to where your fear was derived, what situations you had in the past that brought you that fear and then work it! It is hard, but I believe we are the ones in charge of our own happiness. Again, attainable through prayer...:)

The not so camera shy SFC Dumaguete Chapter.

Teaching of new songs...:)

We took out our tents to make it more fun....we stayed at the resort's reserved rooms though. The boys took the tents...hehe

Now let us praise and worship using our newly learned songs...:)

Those are a mouthful, right?...hehehe For me, it all boils down to humility and prayer. We need to set aside that little pride of ours- I know hard, but again achievable I must say. We also need to look out on other people's feelings- emotions, and happiness. Put your self on other people's shoe- basic. Prayer is the most important as well. We need to look up and pray for graces because I really believe we can't do it all on our own. We all need Him to guide us with every bad and good situation life trows at us. Happiness comes from Him alone...xoxo!


Nice and Organic

I don't usually do restaurant or food blogging, but I can't resist on this one. After a long day of early summer wanderlust around Bohol's pride. My tummy is complaining already....What I really need then is a sumptuous yet comfort food with a bottle of ice-cold coke...i mean, who doesn't? With the sun and its splendor, I bet everyone would, right? We were brought to this place without me knowing what the restaurant is to offer. I guess I was not doing my homework before going to Bohol....hehe So I though, okay, same stuffs, and so on, but it proved me wrong. I just knew then that this is an all organic restaurant, and they are known for guess what?..FLOWERS!! Yes, like flowers on your salad or part of the main course...strange and cute, right? Let me tour you around the Bohol Bee Farm. I'm sure you'll gonna love this!!!

Meet the starved people...hehe
What makes this restaurant special is that they grow their own spices. I think they make their own furniture because we saw some fellas working on woods that is located near the exit of the land, plus they literally have their own bee farm! They don't have to worry about their supplies. It can be found right on their own backyard...amazing, right? The view of the beach from the restaurant is breathtaking. It is located on a clift! So go imagine the feeling of eating a delicious organic food, wonderful people, feel of fresh air under your nose- not to mention WiFi connection is available as was worth the starve!..hahaha

They have all sorts of flowers too.
They also have by-products which are to die for. They surely have cultivated their land so much that they are able to produce all these amazingly-healthy food.

Their jams are super good too.

They have the best pesto ever!...taste really good.

They are using their dried cassava as their ice cream's cone...yeah for real!!!

They have the mama bee so they would surely have this, right?...hehehe

Get one and pass...:]
This would be good with or without a jam on.
Their organic ice-cream is to die for!...Malunggay (Horse raddish) and buko are the best! My favorite ice cream. I would say.

We have their ice cream at the conference. Sweet way to fight the heat.
The ice-cream models. I hope we can book a cover...haha
This what we ate. The finish product.

The flower comes with the salad, and then you are going to pour the olive oil with honey and mustard for the dressing to make it even more tasteful. A cassava topping on the rice- which I though was butter..hehe, and the baked chicken glazed with honey. Almost everything they serve is glazed with honey delightful!

One day is not enough to tour Bohol. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer to explore the entire province. We were not able to visit the all-time-favorite Chocolate, right? I was not able to accomplish the Danao bungee-jumping ride....awwh!. I would have love to do that. Conquering my fear of heights. But on the ligher side of it, at least I still have the reason to go back to this beyond amazing place. Kudos to the boholanos who are constatly doing a great job in protecting and taking care of their island....xoxo!